Saturday, September 16, 2017

Naughty Nuri's

Pork Ribs (RM49)

I can't think of anywhere else in Klang Valley to satisfy my pork ribs cravings - I've tried various other places but honestly speaking my favourite is still Nuri's. I know people tend to compare this to Bali's version, but hey, I've tried Ubud's version too and I found myself enjoying Malaysia's version more. When I first had Nuri's in KL, I love it already even before trying the original in Ubud.

The sauce tastes almost the same as Bali's and the meat falls off the bone, unlike the one in Ubud. At least what we had in Bali did not fall off the bones... KL's ribs were much more tender as compared to the version in Ubud where it was a little overcooked. Notice the layer of glaze after grilling? We did not get the same glaze in Ubud, hence, the meat is tad bit dry. 

So why travel all the way to Ubud when you can have it in KL?! On a side note, their pork is imported all the way from Spain... Even better!

Only in Live Centre, you can satisfy your alcoholic friends with Flaming Lambo Chicken for only RM42!!! It gives a really nice aroma to the grilled chicken, so it's fit for non-alcoholic friends too don't worry. They won't get drunk from it...

The actual item looks just like what we see in photos!!

The chicken is served right on your table and *drumrollsss* please get ready your phones with Boomerang, Instagram, Snapchat, Instastory!! You only get 3-4 seconds of it so don't miss it!

The size of the chicken is not too huge so it's good for sharing. There's a chunk of stuffing in the chicken which makes it smells so good...

This is not to be missed - mee goreng with siu yuk!! (RM25)

Nuri's Punch is the latest addition to the menu. For RM28.80 you get a whole jug to share, or you can choose not to share... 

Mojito is boring without Asam Boi... Try their signature Asam Boi Mojito for only RM29... Well this is the only drink I normally would order whenever I visit Nuri's... It is dangerously addictive!!

P/S: Take a quick sip before the ice melts!!

I'm quite confused with their promotions and I've finally got an answer. You may see a different menu and promotion in every outlet. I went around searching about Nuri's Dulang lunch but I never got a proper answer from the search. They do it from time to time and only in specific branches. As of today, they have the Dulang Lunch only at Life Centre during lunch hours. The reason I wanted to know is because there isn't any place in Klang Valley that could satisfy my Balinese Nasi Campur cravings. There you go, now you know there's one in the heart of KL!

Check out the latest menu (Sept 2017)

Naughty Nuri's Life Centre  
Lot G-05,
Jalan Sultan Ismail
50250 Kuala Lumpur
Opening Hours 
Daily 11am - 12am

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Tuesday, September 12, 2017

UberEATS Malaysia

UberEATS is finally coming to Malaysia!!! The delivery competition in Klang Valley is real strong... 

Monday, September 4, 2017

Warung Nia

We just wanted to try everything in this warung so we picked the set that has everything - 3 types of sate lilit, pork ribs, vegetables and rice.

The entire set plus a bottle of Bintang, I recalled paying no more than IDR 200k. For once I don't remember to see the prices.... I really love theirs ribs - surprisingly more than the famous joints in Bali. Their sate lilit is marinated properly too and it's warm when they serve it. Needless to say, the curry that accompanied the rest of the dishes goes so well with the rice.

Likes: Inexpensive Balinese food, not commercialised, convenient location, must try the pork ribs!
Dislikes: Don't think there's anything that I dislike!

Warung Nia
Kayu Aya Village,
Jl. Kayu Aya,
Bali 80361
Opening Hours
Daily 10am - 10pm
Warung Nia's Page
Warung Nia on Facebook

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Sunday, September 3, 2017

Ibu Oka

I read it somewhere that Anthony Bourdain says this place has the best Babi Guling? I just felt cheated - either he's giving the wrong information because he's on screen, or the quality went downhill because they are so commercialised now.

Little did I know Ibu Oka is so commercialised that they have a few outlets now. I'm not sure if I went to the original  since it's called "Ibu Oka 3".

I'm not sure if the walk all the way to this place from the main road was worth it... It was about 5-7 minutes walk from the main street... We passed by a smaller Ibu Oka on the way too..

We had the Nasi Special (IDR55k), extra meat only (IDR55k) and Sop Babi (IDR10k).

The bill came up to around IDR200k plus a huge coconut. I wouldn't mind the price if the food is good...

Everything you see here is practically bland. Nothing is spicy, vegetables and pork didn't differ much in taste, fried pork was just fried pork, the rest of the pork were just bland - like it was cooked separately and just stirred in with the sauce after (the meat tastes flat). The meat are all very chewy, it's just too difficult to eat. The shiny looking skin? It is rock hard. What crispy skin, thank goodness I did not pay IDR60k for the skin.

The extra meat? Like what I've said it's tasteless - cut it into pieces and pour some sauce over it and it's called extra pork? I don't know how is this mouth watering at all... Best pork in Ubud? No please, ew. A local told me to try Babi Guling Gung Cungm unfortunately they ran out of  ingredients when we arrived. Remember to try anything but Ibu Oka - it's absolutely overrated.

Likes: Errr nothing? 
Dislikes: Bland pork rice, chewy meat, hard skin, expensive for a warung, not very clean cutlery, definitely not the best in Ubud

Warung Ibu Oka
Jalan Tegal Sari No. 2,
Kabupaten Gianyar,
Bali 80571

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Saturday, September 2, 2017

Restaurant Nusantara by Locavore

Complimentary appetiser: Rice cracker with various sides and sauces

Jukut Kelor Mesanten (IDR60k / USD4.60)

Moringa leaves, base genep and bongkot cooked in young coconut. I swear this is one of the best soup I've tasted!! But I can't compare this to any other soups because it's very unique - very sweet from the leaves, mild coconut flavours and various other herb/leaves taste.

Celeng Gesing (IDR95k / USD7.20)

Pork shoulder cooked in bamboo

Celeng Suna Cekuh (IDR90k / USD6.80)

Pork belly served with sambal goreng

Oseng Jantung Pisang (IDR55k / USD4.20)

Stir-fied banana blossom served with sliced garlic, shallots, chillies and kaffir lime leaves.

Bebek Woku (IDR145k / USD10.95)

Duck marinated in tumeric, candle nuts, chili, tomatoes, lime leaves and lemongrass

Selection of Sambal (IDR50k / USD3.80)

Our Indonesian meal accompanied with Nasi Kencur / Rice with ginger (IDR25k / USD1.90). There dishes are very flavourful and rich, you definitely need to have it with rice. Just the perfect place to try various Indonesian regions food all under one roof!!

The grill kitchen is right at the entrance - the smell of their food is reallygood!!

A one page menu - hopefully they'll expand it soon! Good job again, Team Locavore!

Likes: Very good Indonesian casual dining, inexpensive prices
Dislikes: It may be a disadvantage for tourists as Ubud can be quite far (almost 1.5 hours from Seminyak). But don't let the location put you down..

Nusantara by Locavore  
Jl. Dewisita,
Kabupaten Gianyar,
Bali 80571
Opening Hours
Daily 6pm - 10pm
Nusantara on Facebook

Friday, September 1, 2017

Room 4 Dessert

Red - Rosella cream, beetroot cake, watermelon, dragon fruit, strawberry

Red, literally invites everything "red" on the plate. This is the mildest dessert of all, that is why it's also the starter. P/S: I never thought beetroot cake is THAT good?! The cake is so fluffy and light like a pink sponge with a hint of beetroot, which is really easy to consume! Surprise, surprise, coming from a person who dislikes beetroot.

Pandanbert - Pandan panna cotta, salak ice, kacang hijau, pear

This idea came from Camembert cheese... The round container is made out of pandan leaves, the panna cotta has a nice pandan aroma and I actually prefer it without the mung bean. The mung bean is overpowering the pandan flavour of the pudding so I thought it's nicer and more refreshing without it. And no there is no cheese in this dessert... 

White Chocolate, Black Heart - Cocoa butter cake, tamarind, kemangi sorbet, injin meringue

This is one confusing plate but it balances really well - a mixture of strong flavours and subtle sourish and anything with meringue hardly disappoints.

The making of the jackfruit cake.

Taro Card - Taro Pudding, toasted coconut gelato, jackfruit, soy meringue

The jackfruit cake is lightly torched for the roasted flavour, topped with a scoop of milky coconut ice cream (it's not the regular light coconut ice cream), served with passionfruit for the sourish taste and topped with coconut flakes. A combi between coconut and jackfruit creates a very tropical feel and taste.

The Sugar Refinery - Coconut nectar chantilly, chocolate toblerone, soursop, Balinese meringue

This is also another confusing dish. It has chocolate and it's sour. Creamy, chocolate, and sourish from the soursop sorbet. I really like the meringue, it says Balinese meringue and has this light unique taste...

Gingerbread Man - Sorghum pain d'epice, passion fruit curd, crackjerjack, long pepper

It's basically a different way of serving gingerbread with a texture of a cake. I never like gingerbread to begin with so this is probably my least favourite of all. Don't get me wrong, it's actually very good and that's why I ate more than usual - I usually won't take more than a scoop as I prefer ginger to go with savoury dishes more than desserts!

Ghostface Keller - Doughnut, Reblochon cream, papaya, apple tatin, cocoa nibs

The ghostface was my favourite for the night... It was the one with the most unique taste. The white stuff on the doughnut is cheese. The cheese may have a cream cheese texture but no it tastes nothing as good as cream cheese, it's like eating rotten cream cheese. But if you eat it together with the papaya and apple tatin, the odd taste is covered. It creates whole different taste, it makes this doughnut so heavenly - the combi of sweet, savoury with a creamy touch is there. OMG I could have this all day!!!!!!!

Caramel Tea Brulee - Caramel, black tea, cardamom, sea salt

Very nice brulee texture with a hint of tea, cardamom and salt. I've had foie gras brulee before, I'm sure I can handle this one!

Chocobubbles - Mom's cookies, kluwak, warm mousse, "nibs" nougatine

A cup of dark chocolate mousse, it's for you chocolate lovers out there! I don't normally take so much chocolate so this was the only one we could not finish. The last dessert is also one of the more filling dessert as compared to the rest. I think if this was the first one I will be full by the 4th or 5th course.

As it was still early, we did not take their cocktail pairing set. We only had a cocktail each. 

Season 6 Finale - every dish is carefully prepared and they are all too beautiful to eat!!

Menu changes every 6 months...

It costs IDR490k for the whole 9 courses - good for 2-3 pax. Though the greedy me thinks it's good fit for one pax :P

Don't let the entrance yet to you - it looks like a factory but it's more than just a factory!

Thank you Chef Willd Goldfarb for the brains behind this concept!! Sadly he was travelling when we visited so we did not get to see him.

Likes: Very creative "fine dining" desserts to substitute a full fledged meal, friendly service, creative cocktails, cocktail pairing available 
Dislikes: I can't think of anything that I do not like here - everything's too fine, from food to friendly service! Perhaps the only downside is the location... You'll have to travel all the way to Ubud for it!

Room 4 Dessert
Jalan Sanggingan,
Ubud, Bali
Opening Hours
Mon-Fri 4pm - 12am
Sat & Sun 12pm - 12am
Room 4 Dessert's Page
Room 4 Dessert on Facebook

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