Monday, May 22, 2017

Turandot Ресторан Турандот

In Russia, it is very common to dine in the palace. There are so many abandoned palaces and they do not need to turn everything into museums. Some are being used to commercial purposes, such as restaurants and Turandot is one of it. We were told that the renovation cost for this restaurant is one of the most expensive, not sure what's the comparison to? I blindly believed it because each and every detail in the restaurant itself is worth staring at. The artwork, the pillars, the ceilings; it makes you feel like a royalty. Looks like this is a great place to dine if you want a feel of being a royalty! You may want to read up more about this restaurant on their website.

Burned Salmon with Wild Rice Crisps and Avocado Sauce (₽980 / USD16.50)

Later, I found out this place serves Chinese fusion food. I didn't think of it as a Chinese fusion, more like cafe food decorated nicely small portions. I did not think any of it tasted Chinese to me.

Pineapple and Malibu Sorbet (₽1290 / USD 21.50)

This was served before the main, just to improve our appetite.

Roast Lamb (₽880 / USD 14.80)

We were given the option between chicken and lamb, but lamb was more popular. The lamb is seriously one of the best I've ever had. This tasted nothing like lamb. It was very subtle, juicy, very much like minced pork but it was actually a lamb cake. 

French Biscuit with Blackberry Crystal (₽690 / USD 11.50)

The popular cake which I actually did not like it. It had really heavy cinnamon taste - it's either you like it or you don't. I finished the berry ice cream that's served on it instead. This is very subjective; as it may be very good for those of you who enjoys cinnamon.

Just look at the details of the restaurant... Another tip, most people love to sit on the upper floor but it's not easy to reserve a table. Reserve ahead if you're planning to!

Likes: Posh, good food, reasonable price, good service
Dislikes: I don't think I can find any reason to dislike this place - totally worth a visit!

Tverskoy Boulevard,
26, стр. 3, Moskva,
Russia, 125009
Opening Hours
Daily 12pm - 12am
Fri & Sat 12pm - 1am

Sunday, May 21, 2017

Little Boat

Tom Kha Gai (THB120)

If you want to drink coconut milk this is where you should have your Tom Kha Gai. It's certainly one of the worst I've ever had, can't taste anything other than coconut milk...

Pad Thai Shrimp (THB90)

This was edible. I believe Pad Thai is usually the standard dish - if they can't get this right, forget about the place.

Caught a bird showeing as it was just too hot!

Likes: Convenient and clean. Not many restaurants and this was the only one which is open.
Dislikes: Too touristy, not authentic Thai food. Will definitely skip this if I had other choices. Food is not spicy at all.

Little Boat Restaurant  
37/2 Moo.3 Bophut
Koh Samui
Surat Thani 84320

Saturday, May 20, 2017

Roseleaf Bar Cafe

Small Skink (£5.95)

I've read that this is a local favourite - Cullen Skink (the name sounds quite funny for one who has never heard of it). It's basically just creamy soup made out of fish and potatoes. I didn't enjoy the fishy taste in the soup actually.

Mac & Bacon (£9.95)

This was surprisingly one of the better dishes among all, freshly baked and served on a mini cast iron skillet.

Steak (£18.95)

I don't think this is the best place for steak. The steak is a little chewy...

Turbot (£12.95)

Dunbar Hake (£13.95)

First time having fish cooked with mussels and chorizo. I thought it was a pretty good combination - fish and potatoes are flat but those salty chorizos gave them a fish a better flavour.

Spring Chicken (£12.95)

I wanted to go for breakfast but it was fully booked. Make sure you book in advance - the place is very small and it's usually full on Sundays.

Likes: Decent pub food, great choices of local Scottist fare, the perfect neighbourhood bar, very friendly service and nice staffs
Dislikes: Place is a little too small to cater a big group. It's a little far from the city and I did not think it was worth the drive all the way for dinner. Perhaps the breakfast plates are the ones worth going for. (Don't get me wrong, I still enjoyed the food in this bar just that it was nothing really special about it.)

Roseleaf Bar Cafe
23-24 Sandport Pl,
Edinburgh EH6 6EW
United Kingdom
Opening Hours
Daily 10am - 1am
Roseleaf Bar Cafe's Page
Roseleaf Bar Cafe on Facebook

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Friday, May 19, 2017

Eatomo Food Co

Oysters (RM8~RM10 each)

They were having some oyster promo and we decided to get a dozen of it. It turns out to be pretty fresh.

Unagi Don (RM23.90)

A friend had this and it looks really ugly and pathetic. I thought it'd be nice to have onsen / vegetables to make it look less ugly?

Gyudon (RM17.90)

A little effort to the dish, but boy those are the lowest grade crappy beef. I wouldn't order this ever again.

Salmon Sashimi Box (RM34.90)

The XL sashimi box, which turns out to be really pathetic. I wonder if it exceeded 150 grams, each peace is no bigger than the small tiny regular sized match box. The right measurement would be 3cm x 2cm x 0.5cm. Extra large? Okay...

Spicy Salmon Pokebowl (RM19.90)

This turned out to the best of all choices. The spicy salmon was well marinated, mayo was really flavourful, vegetables were really thinly sliced and gave the crunchy effect.

Premium Chirashi Don (RM35.90)

Very premium indeed - one slice of each and a small scoop of ikura,

Salmon Ikura Don (RM23.90)

I just don't think I should go on anymore.

Likes: Convenient for those living in the area
Dislikes:  Bad value for money - top catch offers better quality and portion. This is just  regular cafe but charging premium restaurant prices. I didn't think it was worth a second visit.

Eatomo Food Co
11-1-1, Jalan 3/109F,
Danau Business Centre
Taman Danau Desa
58100 Kuala Lumpur
Opening Hours
Daily 12pm - 3pm; 6pm - 10.30pm

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Thursday, May 18, 2017


Oxtail Soup (RM28)

I've been to Opus many times - it is my family's favourite Italian place in Kuala Lumpur. It's clearly not comparable to authentic Italian but it's one of the better ones.

Creamy Mushroom (RM24)

It's located at the row of shops at Jalan Bangkung, and the shop is still alive even after so many years.

Shellfish Surprise (RM52)

Opus House Specials (RM38) other words, Spaghetti allo Scoglio / Seafood Spaghetti.

Carbonara (RM32)

American version of carbonara. It's not authentic Italian, but well majority loves the creamy version over authentic Italian's dry version.

Sirloin (RM60)

Simple steak like the ones you get from Jake's, Nothing particularly great about the beef, it's just normal regular cut. It is served with different sauces, we opted for the red wine (in this picture) and creamy mushroom. 

Lamb Rack (RM75)

This is one of their popular items - perfectly grilled lamb rack! It's a little pricey but it was totally worth it. No gamey taste at all!

Likes: Simple neighbourhood restaurant, nothing fancy.
Dislikes: If you're searching for really authentic Italian, this isn't the best place. There are some Italian dishes with a mixture of local's taste buds.

Opus Bistro  
67, Jalan Bangkung,
Taman Bandaraya
59100 Kuala Lumpur
Opening Hours
Daily 12pm - 3pm; 6pm - 12am
Sunday 6pm - 12am
Opus' Page
Opus on Facebook

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Wednesday, May 17, 2017


Rice Cracker Tacos ($12.80)

Crispy rice crackers topped with pulled pork, guacamole & chili salsa. It was something really random which turns out to be very addictive! Everybody loves pulled pork and it's served on top of sushi-like rice but it's not sushi. It's crispy rice and every bite of it is crunchy!!

Truffle Hiyashi Somen ($15.80)

Cold somen tossed with confit egg yolk & shio konbu, topped with truffle molecues & sakura ebi. I came for their uni pasta, which sadly is not available!!! They ran out of uni by 8pm, that is such a shame as I was only in town for one night and they are not open on Sunday.

Negitoro Don ($10++)

Really regular, nothing special at all.

Pan fried Foie Gras ($18.80++)

This could have been better, the foie gras was tasty but it was not pan fried long enough so the texture is a bit too soft on the outside. Too soft it felt a little gooey and I like the skin of it to be a little bit more cooked.

Grilled Fish ($10++)

I can't remember which fish was this but this was the worst of all choices - fish was just a fish and it was really bland.

Likes: The truffle somen is really good! We enjoyed the dishes that were great.
Dislikes: And did not enjoy for those which were done average & badly eg. grilled fish, foie gras. It's either a hit or miss, not everything is great.

80 South Bridge Rd,
#01-01 Golden Castle Building
Singapore 058710
Opening Hours
Daily 4.30pm - 12am
Closed on Sundays
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Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Café Pushkin Кафе Пушкинъ

When I was told that this is only a "cafe", I would think it's a casual place that a typical cafe would be anywhere else in the world. Here in Moscow, cafes are so posh and pretty, not dressing up for it makes you look silly.

This posh cafe seems so magically pretty that every picture taken is a big wow. Feels like I'm in Beauty in the Beast, if you recall the library scene in the castle where Belle and the Beast hung out. 

We were placed upstairs at the Library Hall. There are a few floors, and do check out the elevator in the building.. It's a very old one and it is still operating. The building itself is very old, so becareful of the uneven steps as the toilet is located at the basement and it is very dark down there.

Olivier Salad (₽1490 / USD25.50)

Oliver or Olivier salad, main ingredient is egg, potato and mayo. Lots of mixed vegetables in it too, topped with yellow and red caviar. I believe there's crawfish in it too since the tail was served together with the salad. It was so good I finished every bit of it! The only thing I hated was capers...

Borsch Soup (₽655 / USD11.20)

Russian beetroot soup with a spoon of sour cream. I hated beetroot but for some reason, Russian's beetroot tasted different from the usual ones I had. It is all sweet and very addictive - a little bit like Chinese's ABC soup but additional beetroot in it. It is really refreshing I could use another portion!

Grilled Sea-bass with Roasted Potatoes and Vegetables (₽1990 / USD34)

Unfortunately, I was already almost full by the time my main arrived. This will not be the main reason for my judgement on this dish. The main was nothing special at all - just grilled sea bass which Italian's salt crust version is way better. Fish is very fresh with a hint of lemon sourness (I squeezed more lemon to it), served with perfectly grilled potatoes and vegetable skewer. I finished the fish anyway; I felt absolutely guilty for not finishing the fresh fish.

Dessert Café Pushkin (₽985 / USD16.80)

The ever popular Café Pushkin Dessert... Cake made out of berrys, topped with a layer creamy mouse, covered with a layer of chocolate. A mixture of sour and sweet... perfect combination!

Likes: A wonderful surprise - this is not a cafe, it's a proper beautiful and posh restaurant! No complains on food & service
Dislikes: Probably consider increasing the brightness in the toilet - it's hazardous...

Café Pushkin Кафе Пушкинъ  
Tverskoy Boulevard
26А, Moskva
Russia, 125009