Sunday, March 19, 2017

Nishiki Market

Each city has their own market and Kyoto's very own is Nishiki Market. It's a long street with all sorts of stuff.

Raw food for home cooking, food to go, street food, fresh fruits, vegetables, just basically everything you are looking for.

Grilled oysters and scallops - there are around 2-3 different shops.

Sashimi - I didn't think it was very cheap. It was just normal for the price. We walked the entire street and the price is about the same too. I didn't try any of it as we hadn't had breakfast - didn't want to start with raw food.

There are a lot of grilled selections but we couldn't decide what to eat first so we just kept walking and walking...

Japanese economy rice dishes.

There's just too many choices isn't it. I should have tried the teriyaki yellowtail...

There's also deep fried skewers..

Lots of unagi in boxes, unagi sushi, plain unagi. The only thing I realise was the food looks really dry. It didn't look captivating for me to want them immediately..

Unagi and tamago.

The specialty in this market - quail egg stuffed in octopus.

We bought two to try - which turns out to be really boring. Just octopus and quail egg, not sure what is so special about it?

The grilled hotate was super juicy! By the time we had this, I was already too lazy to turn back to grab sashimi or anything else. I like the varieties in this market but I guess I wasn't that impressed with Nishiki Market... Not as much as Nijo Market in Hokkaido.

Nishiki Market

Saturday, March 18, 2017

Maju Palace

Muslim friends who wants to have authentic Halal Chinese food - Maju Palace is the right place to be. We picked this restaurant to have our CNY lunch with colleagues.

Halal does not mean it's not good - They can always work on every other dish. We ordered the Ala Carte as we didn't think the sets were worth ordering.

Vegetable (RM43)

The best time to earn money for Chinese restaurants is during CNY period - hardly ever any promotions. 

Beancurd (RM58)

This is one of my favourite tofu... which is normally served with abalone!

Fried Rice (RM40)

Prawn (RM130)

Chicken (RM45)

Fish (RM158)

Noodle (RM28)

During CNY period, they do not serve Dimsum. We would usually visit for Dimsum on normal days, they serve good Halal selections which utilises more seafood and chicken as replacement. However, some pork dishes that are meant to have pork, are not good with the replacements (eg. Siumai). Just select the rest of the usual items that are not meant to be pork, eg. prawn dumplings, prawn chee cheong fun, chives dumpling, liu sha bao - they are all equally good like any other Dimsum restaurants. Click here for Dimsum pictures.

Likes: Quite good dimsum for Halal standards. Some non-pork dishes in general are authentic. Nice staffs.
Dislikes: Manager is really rude (the one with the huge hair like bird's nest), luckily her staffs are nice. I always avoid asking her to get the orders as she is really rude, and I notice she is only nice to men and slam plates when its a bunch of ladies. It's too obvious that everytime I visit, I will not want her to serve us at all.

Maju Palace Cantonese Cuisine  
1001, Jalan Sultan Ismail,
Chow Kit
50350 Kuala Lumpur
Opening hours
Mon-Sat 11am - 3pm; 6pm - 11pm
Sun & Public Hol 10am - 3pm; 6pm - 11pm
Maju Palace's Page

Maju Palace Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Friday, March 17, 2017

Ryokan Kohro 旅館こうろ

Have a tight budget? Want to stay in the Ryokan? Also want to be within walking distance to everything else? Fret not. Ryokan Kohro is the best place to be!

There's a little public bath down in the basement - but bear in mind you'll have to be naked... and it's a norm anyway, at least in Japan it is.

We booked the room with no meals, which explains why it was cheaper too. There are plenty of Izakayas around the hotel, so no issues getting lunch or dinner. Also, Nishiki Market is approximately 6-8 minutes walk from the hotel!

Ryokan rooms are obviously versatile. They prepared our room for bedtime while we were out dining. Such lovely service... Breakfast spread has two slots - the 7am or 8am. Boy, they are really early!

But we figured that we could at least have breakfast. This was added during check-in, with an extra fee of approximately ¥1050 per pax (About USD10?). I think it's pretty reasonable, so do get their breakfast!

It consists of the very important staple we call rice, miso soup, pickles and other luxurious items like egg, fish, and tofu. 

Well in our era, it has turned into an essential rather than being called luxurious. Of course during the days where people were poor, rice, miso and pickles were the staple and everything else is a bonus.

I thought this was going turn out to be smelly natto, but thankfully they aren't smelly.

I like how thick these cuts are... my favourite tamago!

What do you think about it?
Likes: Convenient, central, value for money, good breakfast

Dislikes: It's a bit noisy as it's in the city. 

Ryokan Kohro
Horinouecho, 114
Nakagyo Ward
Kyoto  〒604-8117

Thursday, March 16, 2017

Bar B Q Plaza

Supreme Mixed Set (RM44.90)

Favourite place to visit during college days - it used to be a luxury back then... I haven't visited for years, and have noticed a couple of changes apart from the price. 

Sauces are now available on the table itself - where chillies and garlic are really unfresh because it had been chopped for a long time (it's blackish....), and the brown sauce tasted very different from what I remembered it to be.. My food used to swim in the sauce but right now, I thought the sauce had a little pungent smell, like plastic, and I just didn't like it. On top of that, those unfresh garlic and chilli - it was just disgusting.

Portions have never gotten prettier, it's just sad for the price they charge, as there are plenty of buffet BBQ that offers around RM35 per pax. Let's see if the price did make up to the portion.

We were eating like this - almost halfway through when the staff cleaned the table next to us. I could feel soap dripping on my arm when he sprayed on the other side, he could not even be bothered to watch where he's spraying!! Luckily I was the closest to the next table, so I assume my pot wasn't affected - but the meat that was uncooked and left next to the plate? I had to get the manager to deal with this situation because I'm not eating that. Same goes to the sauce that was right next to my hand.

Credits to manager who dealt with the issue promptly and replaced the meat.

Garlic Rice (RM1.90)

Garlic rice had no garlic taste in it. Also, it tasted really bad, as though spoiled meat was cooked together. The bf who usually doesn't have much to say about food, refused to eat this too...

Don't think I will ever go back again, I'll keep this post to remind myself never to waste another penny in this place.

Likes: Mookata is a good idea, just the idea. Manager does her job.
Dislikes: No value for money, lousy quality food, unfresh sauces, lazy staffs who might just spray soap into your food even though that was not his intention, pathetic portion.

Bar B Q Plaza
Check here for outlets.

Bar.B.Q PLAZA Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Hakutsuru Sake Brewery Museum

We bought the JR Wide Pass which allows us to cover all JR routes for free, therefore we had to utilise it fully. It took us almost 30 minutes to walk from Sumiyoshi Station JR station to this place - a crazy 1.5km walk! Gosh, where is Uber in such situation!

Thank goodness it was cold, otherwise we would have died when we arrived.

We made it just 30 minutes before they closed. I was not quite interested with the displays near the entrance which were suppose to be educational...

I did not even go upstairs to check out... Luckily for those who loves it, their voice guide comes in English too.

I was more interested in the tasting, as I had the intention to buy.

This is exclusively for the museum only. The tasting is sooooo pathetic! That's suitable for Whisky, but it is way too little for sake! I had to take a second shot to ensure it was the right choice. 

Some other choices you've probably seen before...

Hakutsuru claims to be the #1 selling brand in Japan for sakes... but I think it isn't the best place to visit or taste their sakes, it appears to be just a shop rather than a proper place to do tasting. I had a better experience at Nikka's Yoichi instead.

Since it's so out of the way, I would say skip this and search for another factory instead. Look out for Yamazaki instead, it's in between Osaka and Kyoto!

Hakutsuru Sake Brewery Museum
4−5−5 Sumiyoshi
Higashinada Ward
〒658-0041 Kobe
Opening Hours
Daily 9.30am - 4.30pm, visitors will not be allowed in after 4pm
Please check here for updates on business hours

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Grab Magnum

We got ourselves some Magnum Ice cream for IWD!

Literally a lot of it, all for the ladies in the Call Centre!

Happy International Women's Day, and thank you Grab for delivering it! :)

Monday, March 13, 2017

Torito 炭火串焼 とりと

I had the sudden cravings for Yakitori and found this place online. It was about 7 minutes walk from our hotel at Karasuma Oike.

Staffs barely speaks English, but they do have an English menu.

There is a minimum order of two sticks per item that we order - I basically ordered almost everything!

Chicken liver, heart, gizzard, breast, thigh, kidney, meatballs, testicles, duck meat, chicken soup, basically ordered the entire chicken family....

They are all grilled perfectly, I have always avoided eating any innards as they have a weird aftertaste. 

Surprisingly the innards we have ordered comes in extra large size - they are so much bigger and fatter! What makes it even better is there is no odd aftertaste. For once, I didn't ask for meat, I asked for innards!

I'm not sure if this place is Halal, they are definitely pork free. It's quite common for a Japanese restaurant to serve alcohol, so quite unlikely that this shop is Halal.

If you've chosen not to dine here, you're probably missing out of these yummy chicken innards!

Tsukune / Chicken Meatballs was one of my favourite - fat, juicy and fragrant! I'm so biased, everything in Japan tastes nicer...

The duck and leek skewer was less interesting as compared to the chicken selections, I found that it was quite flat.

Biggest chicken testicles I've seen, eww!!!!!!! I don't know what made me do this, I mean I just ordered CHICKEN TESTICLES!!!!!!!! I'm so brave, but I only had one piece. It was pretty disgusting!! I guess I will never like chicken testicles. Even Japanese chicken failed to amuse me...

I've never said no to soup, but this certainly did not represent Japan for its standards... It was basically chicken stock soup with egg.. I mean, everyone could do this...

Sansho pepper seems so common..

We managed to get two bar seats at the end, would have been better if it's in the middle!

No idea what's what, but that was our damage for the night. Food and sake came up to approximately ¥7516 / USD 70.

Likes: Many choices, very skillful yakitori chefs, the meat for every skewer is fairly "large", not chicken that have only 15 days of life or something
Dislikes: None!

Torito 炭火串焼 とりと
683 烏丸錦ビル
〒604-8144 Kyoto
Opening Hours
Daily 5.30pm - 12am
Torito's Page