Monday, January 9, 2017

Lau Ya Keng (阳春台 or 上帝庙 Foodcourt)

It was our first time to Kuching and heard about the Pork Satay at this food court. I read somewhere that I shouldn't go during lunch hours, so I thought of going much later. The only shop that was open after 7pm was the Kueh chap shop. So no, don't come after 7pm for Pork Satay.

This huge wok smells really good. I'm guessing it's the pork that they serve on the porridge.

Deep fried loh bak & fish roe. If you try frying fish roe at home, it will be such a mess because of the water in the roe. Drying with kitchen towel helps but not completely. So happy they actually have it here, something I don't get to eat very often.

...and even more braised pork!

Food lining up to be served!!

Fish Roe (RM4-5??)

Loh Bak (RM2-3??) / Minced pork roll with herbs

Pork Porridge (RM4-5??)

Well, I personally never like to eat "wet" stuff like braised rice or porridge so this isn't my ideal dish. I would prefer the pork on a separate bowl and served with rice instead!

Kueh Chap (RM5) / Flat rice noodles with pork and/or duck depending on seller, tofu

Kueh Chap Sarawak style - I can't say for sure this isn't nice. It's great, but the gravy is rather diluted and bland if compared to Penang's famous Kimberley's version.

This place is just opposite the temple and it's easy to find. Service isn't the friendliest, but no expectations either - it's a typical Chinese coffee shop.

Lau Ya Keng Foodcourt
19, Lebuh Carpenter
93000 Kuching

Sunday, January 8, 2017

Jiro Shabu

Steamboat cravings kicked in - there is a set for one, for a reasonable price of RM30 that comes with a plate of meat. I've ordered extra tofu and sliced pork because I went with someone who wanted to "nibble" before his actual meal.

The New Zealand beef's fats is so yellow! I've not read up on it but I'm guessing it's safe to consume?!

It's literally yellow like cheddar cheese... My first time seeing it despite trying so many types of beef before!

Thinly sliced pork

The condiments section - which is rather poor. They have the basics which is good, but additional fried garlic or onion would have made it much better! I did not know about this corner, so I've asked their staffs. Sadly, none of them could convey the message properly because they don't really speak English / Malay / Chinese which is annoying. Later on, I found out it's there.

A shot of lime juice to end the dinner. I'm not sure if it's complementary for customers or it came with the set. 

Not sure if the Wet Towel was really given to me actually - because I normally don't use Wet Towels at all, I hate the smell of it. Do run through your bill thoroughly before paying - their staffs really needs help. 
P/S: Ignore my poor broken nail!! :(

Regardless, I would go back again because I love steamboat and I like their Japanese soup. Since not many places cater steamboat for party of 1-2, this place is the ideal place to be. As much as I like Bone & Pot, this place is more reasonable for 2 pax.

Jiro Shabu
48, Jalan SS21/62
Damansara Uptown
Petaling Jaya
47400 Selangor
Opening Hours
Daily 12pm - 3pm; 5.30pm - 11pm
Jiro Shabu on Facebook

Saturday, January 7, 2017

Plzeňská Restaurace

A traditional Czech Restaurant we went to in the heart of Prague's Old Town.

The mandatory bread before serving anything else. Don't get me wrong - their bread is always good to go with their soup of the day!

Traditional Czech Vegetable Soup - it is somewhat similar to Chinese's ABC soup with extra cream and other herbs like parsley.

Countries around that region are popular for knuckles. Czech knuckles are not as great as German's though. It's nicely roasted, looks beautiful just like German's... but...

It is not tender at all!!! It's is soooo hard and touch seriously one should just hold the end of the bone and bite it with their teeth instead of cutting!! Too much hassle. We thought it was the restaurant but no, it's their version of knuckles. The version we had at U Supa was similar - really tough, unlike German knuckles which is very crispy and juicy. Our taste lean towards the majority crowd - we love German knuckles more.

We tried our best to rip everything apart. But really, no knuckles are as great as German knuckles.

Czech Roasted Duck Bohemian Style - it is very similar to turkey, duck on a bed of sweet cabbage, herbs, sauce and dumplings.

Czech Apple Struddle.

I find it really difficult to differentiate Apple Struddels by region. They all pretty much taste the same!! This version has really strong cinnamon though - something I never really liked. Perhaps I need to learn more about their desserts!

Some people may thing this place is too touristy - but hey, I am a tourist and I'm not familiar with Czech food. I've enjoyed it especially with some performances and music, but if I ever set to search for Czech food I probably would choose something else to compare.This place is great for you to grab traditional Czech meals - they have a lot of other choices too. It's not a must to visit, but it's an ideal place for Czech traditional meals right in Old Town itself.

Plzenska Restaurace
Republiky 5
110 00 Praha
Czech Republic
Opening Hours
Daily 11.30am - 11pm

Friday, January 6, 2017


PS150 is not new - they've been around for more than a year now? It's located at Petaling Street KL which is very near Chinatown itself, so it's a brilliant idea to use it as their theme.

Some old umbrellas hanging along the hallway. Felt like I've been teleported to some old bar in Shanghai.

The bar is divided to 3 different sections with 2 entrances. We went in through the front entrance - the first room is basically an air-conditioned lane, with 3-4 tables for couples, just like the table in this picture. Second room, it's an outdoor situation and it's really hot - but it's the best place for smokers. Third, and also the main room (see first picture) where the main bar is there, with a few tables. If you're making a reservation, do ask for something at the main room.

Only thing about their policy - you need to reserve for a table it seems. Bar seats is almost impossible to get. Also, after certain hours (either 10pm or 10.30pm), the front entrance is no longer accessible. To enter or exit, you need to use the back entrance which is next to the toilet. Brilliant idea for authenticity, perhaps some old Shanghainese brothel did that, but it's a bit dangerous and creepy as it is right at the back lane.

But fret not, there are bouncers at the back door to ensure your safety - but then again I wouldn't go there alone as safety in Malaysia has always been an issue. Also, that is not one of the safest area to go to at night.

Again, do make a reservation as you're probably not allowed to even enter if you're planning to walk in. According to the staffs, you may want to visit on weekdays for happy hour where the crowd is lesser and walk-ins is usually doable without a reservation.

150 Ground Floor
Jalan Petaling
50000 Kuala Lumpur
Opening Hours
Daily 6pm - 2am
Sunday 2pm - 10pm
Closed on Mondays

Thursday, January 5, 2017

Hyde & Seek Gastro Bar

Hyde & Seek is listed for #50 for Asia's 50 Best Bars 2016. We visited the bar some time in Sept. It wasn't too difficult to find - just 3-5 minutes walk from the nearest train station.

It was rather quiet on a Sunday night - with about 3-4 other patrons?

Since BK Cobbler stands on top of their list, I've decided to just try that. It sounds really fancy - with my favourite sourish and fruity like cocktail, for THB295.

It was an unfortunate pick which also made the decision to call it a night - the cocktail is very diluted and 50% of the mug is filled with ice. I barely even taste the cocktail, so I don't really want to risk a second glass. Unlike Q&A Bar, another one in Bangkok which managed to hit the list in top 50, I had a few glasses and none of them disappointed me at all.

I hope I had selected a better one - but if you are really visiting, perhaps you should ask for recommendation and stay away from the really diluted BK Cobbler. I should have asked for their best cocktail, perhaps another time!

Apart from the diluted drinks, the place is actually pretty beautiful. You can opt to sit at the bar or one of the tables where they serve food too. As we had our dinner elsewhere, we did not try their food.

Hyde & Seek Gastro Bar  
65/1 Athenee Residence,
Soi Ruamrudee,
10330 Bangkok
Opening Hours
Mon-Fri 5pm - 1am
Sat 11am - 1am
Sun 11am - 12pm

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Yook Pal Pal

Thou shalt not penalise the place based on one visit. Despite the shitty service we received about a year ago, we decided to try it again. Perhaps they have already changed the management.

The place was full - it was so packed and they do not have enough staffs. Well - that's not really my problem to take care of, right?

It took them 30 minutes to clear the table, get us seated, pass us the menu and took the order. 30 minutes, how efficient. But that's bearable too, since the place was packed. 

The food quality was mediocre - for a hefty price tag. A portion of Beef Bulgogi? RM60. 

Well, seems fair since the portion is for two - the meat portion was very little though, good enough for one. It looks a lot because of the vegetables, but not the meat. I can finish this entire plate all by myself and still have room for other food.

Kimchi Jeon? RM28. I don't even see much ingredients inside. RM28 for flour? Really?

The table is quite huge - the long table and we had a party of 5. We got really tired passing side dishes from left to right then back to left. We requested for another set of side dishes but the waiter REFUSED to serve. Party of 2 gets the same amount, party of 5 gets the same too - I think a nursery kid could do better math, no?

I had to speak to the manager to ask him how much sense does it make for us to pass our food around - and after a few founds of going back and forth, they finally brought another set. That waiter who refused our request, was very angry at us and kept showing us that irritated face. Is this the service that they charge?

We liked the idea of steamed egg at the side, the ox tongue was too thick though. Nothing really memorable after the second visit and I vouch never to come back again.

Their service is so horrible, I want to puke. What's the point of serving good side dishes and being so innovative but your staffs are spoiling the customer experience? I don't know, you're charging premium prices for lack of service. I would certainly not recommend this lousy place to anybody. Afterall, most Korean places in Ampang are not great, including Yook Pal Pal.

Go to Po Cha Ampang, just around the corner, which serves better food and service is definitely much friendlier.

Yook Pal Pal
1 - G, Jalan Excella 1
Taman Ampang Hilir
55100 Kuala Lumpur
Opening Hours
Daily 11.30am - 3pm; 5pm - 10pm

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Phuket Panwa Beachfront Resort

We chose this hotel as it was far away from the busy Patong Street. It has a new name now - Crowne Plaza Phuket Panwa Beach. I booked this hotel with very low expectations - as long as the room looks decent and there's a pool. However, it turned out to be better than expected, way better! The Deluxe Panwa Room we booked was very spacious, it has good stable shower, toiletries, clean in-room slippers which is basically what we needed. It's the perfect place to disconnect from the world without burning a hole in your pocket.

The pool is overlooking the beautiful bay, however, the beach isn't as beautiful at Patong area. This hotel is a very affordable place to stay in Panwa Beach area. Also, check out Cape Panwa's famous Baba Nest Sunset Bar & Baba Soul Food for good quality Thai food. It is about 12-15 minutes away from the hotel by car. Sadly, the food choices is very limited - there's a cafe with cakes and coffee at near the entrance, or the standard hotel food and they only had buffet when we were there, considering that I am not a big eater I would prefer Ala Carte food, some Mediterranean food at the pool area or the not-so-good-food just across the street from the hotel at Sam's Kitchen. Apart from these options, you will need to get a ride out to town which is at least 10-15 minutes away.

The room we've booked for, came with breakfast too. There's a wide selection from Asian to Western.

Can't go wrong with Thai noodles.

The only thing that pissed me off that morning was this guy behind the pancake counter. A white guy and an Asian girl requested for pancakes - White guy got fresh ones straight from the pan while the Asian girl got pre-cooked ones from the metal cupboard behind. What racist staff is this? Why is this even by default? Both of us requested for the same thing but got served differently.

Nevertheless, he did give me new ones as I've requested that I want fresh ones too. I've also highlighted this straight to the Duty Manager, and he was really apologetic about the incident. He offered to get me new ones but I told him it's alright. Thank goodness the Duty Manager is friendly, just like what Thais are famous for!