Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The Coffee Club

The coffee above looks normal. So normal, tastes just like any other coffee. The Coffee Club at Spencer Street Mall can't be bothered to make it "look" special.

Unlike The Coffee Club at Cavill Avenue, Gold Coast, they made it look nicer than the one above. You know, people always go with packaging these days. So that means if the product sucks, as long as it looks pretty, your customers won't be too upset about it. No, not that the coffee above sucks, I'm just trying to say pretty things will always add an additional point. Anyway I'm not a fan of coffee so I can't tell if it's a bad one.

Egg benedict with shaved lean ham, oh and additional sauteed mushrooms too. Notice how ugly this entire thing looks? Yup, you can get this plate of awful looking thing at The Coffee Club at Spencer Street A plate of toast and ham covered with yucky yellowish sauce. Certainly do not look appealing to me no matter how delicious it is.

Unlike the one at TCC Melbourne, TCC Gold Coast's egg benedict is nicely presented. Mushrooms were placed in between ham and toast, then egg and hollandaise sauce. It tastes good too.

I will not go back to The Coffee Club at Spencer Street Mall. There's one down in Docklands if you are in Melbourne and you really want to try.

The Coffee Club
Shop 2 Paradise Center,
Cavill Avenue QLD 4217
(07) 5538 8940

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