Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Ichiban Boshi

I think all Edamame is not very much different from each other. Nothing special, really.

Gyoza? They were okay. Nothing special.

Salmon sushi roll with salad. Nothing special in fact... It's just like any other handrolls you can find in any sushi booths for about $2.20 each. How much are they charging? $6.50. Not worth it at all. The only difference is you see the sushi rolls divided into smaller pieces, a miserable plate of salad, a plate of soy sauce, wasabi and ginger served on a plate. Extra $4 for these kind of decorations? I'd rather spend it on something else.

Macha latte. It was the only thing I enjoyed throughout the lunch.

Given a choice I will never come back to Ichiban Boshi at The Galleries Victoria Sydney. Reasons :

1) Rude waitresses. Not one, but every single one who served us were rude. Not even a smile on their face.

2) Double entrance mislead customers. Waitress told us off for sitting down because we walked from the back entrance and did not know there was a waiting list.

3) Unorganized seats. Before we sat down, waitress told us to move our chair to the other side. Later on waitress said we were blocking the walking path and gave us an irritated look.

4) Rude cashier. Cashier and waitresses also the same, just as rude.

5) Food quality not extraordinarily good but price is slightly much higher than a lot of other Japanese Restaurants.

6) Minimum charge. There is a minimum charge for something that's not even extraordinarily good. A lot of other restaurants do that as well, but some are really worth it. Like Japanese Cafe Restaurant J in Melbourne, the famous sushi burger.

This will definitely be my first and last time. Not unless they teach their staffs to be nicer to customers, then no. I don't want to spend my money getting angry at unnecessary things.

However, Ichiban Boshi in Malaysia is much better than the one in Sydney.

Ichiban Boshi
Level 2 Galleries Victoria Building
500 George Street,
Sydney NSW 2000
(02) 9262 7677

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