Saturday, June 18, 2011

Japanese Cafe Restaurant J

Japanese Cafe Restaurant J is famous for their sushi burgers. People normally call this place "Sushi Burger" instead of Japanese Cafe Restaurant J. Gosh, what a long name. Even I would call this place Sushi Burger too.

I've tried almost every burger on the list. My personal favourite would be the spicy salmon burger. I also love their kani croquette burger, soft shell crab burger and the teriyaki salmon burger. It's a must try if you're here.

However their udons are nothing special. Their tempura batter appears to be rather tasteless. Sliced beef udon.. normal stuff.

Green tea parfait. I think it's too sweet for my liking.

Their strawberry daifuku is the best mochi I've ever tasted! The sweetness level is about right. Something I would recommend if you're here too. The red bean mochi is normal stuff. I prefer the strawberry over red bean.

Japanese Cafe Restaurant J
167 Exhibition Street
Melbourne 3000 VIC
(03) 9650 9877

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