Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Laksa King

Entree - papaya salad, loh bak, curry puff and popiah. Popiah and curry puff was okay. The other two, not very nice. The loh bak carries some funny taste, something that you will never expect to get from a loh bak. Papaya salad? Too sour.

The curry noodle was alright, except a much of coconut milk in the soup. Some people may like it thick. I personally feel it is way too thick and because of that, the curry taste is lacking.

Asam laksa, not a good choice. They are not even using the correct noodle. The noodle tastes something like China's mi xian. Unlike the usual noodle used in asam laksa, it's supposed to be a little see through-ish and chewy. This noodle breaks off easily. Other that than, the soup and ingredients used were alright.

Nasi lemak... not exceptionally good, but still okay. It's probably the taste of the sambal. You might want to try it out yourself. But then again, do not put too high hopes on it.

Do reserve a table because it is always full. You wouldn't want to wait an hour for a table. :)

Laksa King
12 Pin Oak Crescent,
Flemington VIC 3031
(03) 9372 6383

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