Tuesday, June 7, 2011

The Meat & Wine Co

I love food from The Meat & Wine Co. I went there many times and here are the collection of food photos taken there.

I love their cocktails. It goes down really smooth, unlike certain cocktails, you just feel like puking them out.

Entrée : bruschetta. I don't really know how to enjoy this one, I think it's okay... not too bad.

Garlic bread. Perfect start off.

Portugese prawns served with creamy portugese sauce. The sauce is so nice.. It tastes good with chips too!

The salt and pepper calamari is a good stuff to start off too. I don't really like calamaris because it's hard to chew, but they did a really good job. It tastes somewhat different from other calamaris I've tasted. Good stuff.

Soup of the day. I believe they serve different soup all the time. This soup I ordered tastes a bit like the ABC soup that I boil at home... Nothing special.

Extra side dish - onion rings. It totally reminds me of Tony Roma's onion rings.

Chips and sauce. I love their chips, something you must order. The crispy fries is sprinkled with salt. It goes really good with the sauce too.

Garlic mash. I think it's a little bit too dry.

Sauce. I love the creamy mushroom sauce among all. You can order extra sauce with an additional charge.

I noticed a lot of people orders their skewers. You can choose between chicken skewer or beef and king prawn skewer. Both are just as good.

Pan-fried giant prawns. Not very 'giant' after all. It was good though.

Grilled chicken breast, something I wouldn't recommend. I would go for seafood or beef if I'm here.

Monte Gold New Yorker. The portion is really huge, if you're not a big eater then order to share. :)

The grand finale as dessert. I don't really like their dessert.. Maybe other people will appreciate it more than I do. You might want to try it out instead.

*Note : Some photos were taken by Jerine. I don't own all of it.

The Meat & Wine Co
3 Freshwater Place, Queensbridge Street,
Southbank VIC 3006
(03) 9696 5333

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