Friday, October 21, 2011

Left Bank

Ocean trout

Rib eye with beetroot salad

Roasted duck breast - Maybe I'm not used to eating duck breast this way. I find it rather hard to chew and it's pretty tasteless. The chinese style roasted duck is way better...

Braised veal shank - A bit too soft. I'm not too sure whether it's meant to be that soft, but I think it's a little too soft. I don't quite like the taste of it either.. I should have ordered something else.

Chips.. or rather wedges..

Mashed potato - The only thing I enjoyed most..

The interior design of this restaurant is fabulous. I personally think the ambience is quite good. The only thing I didn't really enjoy was the noise. It was so difficult to talk - I had to speak so loudly so that people could hear me. It's a bit annoying if you want to catch up with your old friends. The bar is always full during weekends (or at least whenever I pass by that place). The food is a bit pricey, considering that the food quality is only average. Nothing to really shout about. I will come to this place for a drink instead of food.

*Note : Remember to book beforehand. It's always full.

Left Bank
1 Southbank Boulevard,
Southbank VIC 3006
(03) 9682 4999

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