Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Restaurant Kepala Ikan Chan Sow Lin

Curry beef if I'm not wrong..

Fried lala with garlic and chilli. So spicy!

Steamed fish head with ginger and garlic.

Chilli stripes in almost every dish. Even the vegetable we ordered also has chilli stripes in it. Don't even try to bite the chilli if you can't take spicy food. I accidentally ate one small piece and my tongue was burning the whole time.. Ok apart from the spiciness, I love the taste of their food. I don't like fish head (more like I don't know how to enjoy the beauty of eating fish heads), so I just ate the meat. I love the amount of garlic served, even better still if they add more. I'm a huge fan of garlic. Lala's huge and fresh, a bit too spicy for my likings. Consider asking for less spicy if you don't like spicy food. Now I feel like going back again... Not easy to find the place if you do not know that area.

Restaurant Kepala Ikan Chan Sow Lin
Jalan 5 off Jalan Chan Sow Lin,
Kuala Lumpur 55100 WP

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  1. how are you , I;m from indonesia . I have fish head maybe you need overthere . so may i know your number .