Thursday, October 20, 2011

Skewers Restaurant & Bar

Mash potato

Assorted vegetables

Platter to share - beef, prawn, fish skewers

Teriyaki chicken skewers

Some fried stuff. It has kaya and nutella in it

I'm not really impressed with this place. At first I spotted a white worm moving. I believe it was from the veggie. Later on I spotted a small insect inside my Long Island Tea. They served a new cup and later on I saw another insect in the new cup. At least they bothered to change a new one.. As for the taste of the food? Beef bit overcooked, prawns just nice. Among all I think the prawn is the best. Be really careful if you want to go there. Too many insects in the food. Maybe I was just unlucky that night =(

Skewers Subang Avenue
Jalan Kemajuan Subang,
Subang 47500 Selangor
(03) 5632 1368

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