Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Wan Tan Mee Sg Besi

Wan tan mee with char siew (barbecued pork)

Wan tan mee with curry san zhu yuk (wild boar curry)

Curry wan tan mee

Top : Fried wan tan
Mid : Soup wan tan
Bottom : Fried sui gao (dumplings)

Wan tan mee is always the last thing I will ever think of whenever I'm hungry. I never really fancy wan tan mee. Surprisingly this is the only place I want to come for wan tan mee. I can't really tell if it's really that good, but for someone as picky as me, this one is good enough. I love their wild boar curry wan tan mee. The normal wan tan mee can be gotten anywhere else, so try the wild boar curry.

As for the dumplings, I don't really like it. I think the fried sui gao at Ampang is way better. Will talk about that sometime later. Just stick to their wantans. Be it fried or soup wantans, they are just as good. I can finish up 20 wantans all by myself...

*Note : It's a small stall by the roadside, right after the newly opened Southgate (previously Nichi Fashion / before Nichi, the Tobacco Company)

Wan Tan Mee Sg Besi
No. 190H Jalan 2 1/2 Miles Sg Besi,
Kuala Lumpur 57100 WP
(03) 9222 8177

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