Monday, October 22, 2012

Café Madeleine

 Lasagna. Nothing special. Food is OK.

 Foie gras with salad. I'm don't know how to enjoy foie gras.... Taste a bit odd :S

 Pan fried sausages with fries and salad, Nothing special. Food is OK.

 Smoked salmon salad

Saw someone at the next table having this dish. It looks interesting but I have no idea what that is. It's a rice dish with cucumber bordered around the rice. Looks interesting, should ask the waiter what's that and try. :)

P/S: When I say it's OK that means it is edible, not exceptionally good but nothing special I should describe that's why I'll just say it's OK. You should probably try something else if you're in Paris for vacation.

Café Madeleine
1 rue Tronchet,
75008 Paris
(01) 42 65 60 47

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