Friday, October 12, 2012


 Unique way of serving coffee.. It took up a lot of space too.

 Fritto Misto. Fried calamari, fish and prawns. Lightly battered seafood... just nice. I have sensitive tooth and I dislike eating hard and overcooked food. This one's perfectly done :)

Garlic bread with cheese. I won't order this again... It's like an instant made stuff... Bread, garlic butter and cheese. Like uh.. anyone can make this at home! Nothing special...

 Zuppa di funghi con pancetta. Mushroom soup. I don't really like it, it's a bit too watery and not really rich in mushroom taste. It's way too salty for my likings.

Wild mushroom risotto. Love it! Very very creamy.. The taste of the wild mushroom and cream... Awesome! One of my favourite...

 Lasagna. No comments.... it's just another lasagna. Don't know what's a good lasagna, but this one is good. But it'd be better if there are more cheese... As long as I have no complains then it should be fine :P 

 There are a range of products for sale at the entrance of the shop. 

Awesome stuff for takeaway.... I've never tried any of those but they really looked nice...

The food here tastes so much better than Jamie's.... OK it's difficult to compare since it's not even the same food. But overall experience, the food here is better and cheaper too. Will go back anytime :)

St. Christopher's Place,
W1U 1AY London
United Kingdom
020 7935 5927

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