Thursday, October 25, 2012

Din Tai Fung

 Din Tai Fung is famous for their xiao long bao. They serve a variety of xiao long bao, from pork to chicken to crabmeat. I personally like the original xiao long bao (pork). The skin is very thin and it has soup inside, very little, probably half a tablespoon. The skin is the most important factor of xiao long bao. If it is too thick, it'll taste too floury. If it is too thin, it won't be able to hold the soup inside. It's really the skills that counts ;)

 Salted egg pumpkin - goes well with rice.

 Fried rice... nothing special

 Century egg. My favourite! I don't know what exactly is a good century egg... but to me the yolk must be juicy... If the texture of the yolk looks watery and juicy then it'll probably be nice (my preference!). If it looks hard and dry it'll probably just be something hard and dry. Of course it blends well with the slice of ginger :) Din Tai Fung always serves good quality century eggs. Am dying for it now...

 Salted egg prawns - goes well with rice (I think all salted egg stuff goes well with rice...)

 Green beans with minced pork.

Thousand layer cake.. (direct translation... in chinese it's chin chang gou)

Din Tai Fung, originally from Taiwan is available in many other countries, namely, Malaysia, Japan, China, Singapore, Indonesia, Korea, US, Australia and Thailand. I've only eaten it in Malaysia, not sure about the quality of the food in other countries. I would say that I'm quite satisfied with the one in Malaysia. Definitely one of the restaurants that serves good xiao long bao. :)

Din Tai Fung
Pavilion 6th floor,
Kuala Lumpur 55100 WP
(03) 2148 8292

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