Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Il Gabbiano Pizzeria

 Bread and breadsticks! I love their breadsticks. It's like the perfect snack to watch dramas. It's not heavy, not sweet or buttery. It's very light and you can go on eating a few packets without realizing.

 Some mussels... The gravy is really good to go with the bread...

 Fresh king sized prawns

 Octopus salad

 Carpaccio, sliced raw beef with rocket and sliced cheese. It's a traditional Italian dish... Completely raw. Eating this reminds me of Korean Yukhoe. After eating half of it I didn't really felt like continuing anymore. I never like rocket leaves so it was a bit weird to finish the plate of raw beef fearing that my stomach couldn't take it.

Being in Italy, it means I have to eat tiramisu. So here it is. I love their tiramisu!! The biscuit layer is really juicy. It's completely soaky wet with strong liquor. My favourite!

I love their house wine too. I wish I can go back again just to savour on the tiramisu and house wine. Perfect combination to end the night. Italians usually eat dinner when I prepare to go to bed. Good news, this restaurant opens at 6.30pm!!! Perfect timing.

Il Gabbiano Pizzeria
Via Guglielmo Marconi 4,
Salice Terme
27052 Pavia
+39 03 83 93 109

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