Thursday, October 11, 2012

Jamie's Italian

Posh chips. Way too dry and I can barely taste the "truffle" despite the description that says it uses truffle oil.

 Crispy Squid. Perfectly done, one of the best for the night...

 Seaside Risotto. Pretty tasteless... I'm not sure how a risotto should taste but normally the ones I have are creamy. This one is plain tasteless..

Prawn linguine if I remember correctly. This one is pretty standard. After eating this I felt like oh it's just another pasta.. Nothing special.

Fish with baby tomatoes and olives. I don't like the fish... It has the awful unfresh seafood taste.. Ew. 

The tiramisu was good though. I'm not sure what makes a good tiramisu, but this one fits my taste bud. I like how juicy it is.. each bite seems to squeeze a little bit of juice down my throat. Not too sweet either, just nice :)

Given a choice I don't think I'll go back. The food quality is mediocre considering for the price I'm paying for. Please don't put too much hope when you ever visit. Speaking of which I suffered from extreme allergy after eating seafood here in this restaurant. I have never had allergies in my life but it happened after this meal. I suspect the seafood are not very fresh. I had to take anti-histamine after - it was THAT bad.Whether it's the price or not, I don't think I'll ever go back.

P/S: If you really think it's worth a try then you may want to book online to secure your table.

Jamie's Italian Kingston
19-23 High Street,
Kingston upon Thames
KT1 1LL London
United Kingdom
020 3326 4300


  1. Jamie Oliver is a great cook but the kitchen staff are novices given just 2 weeks or was it 2 months' training (?). I went to one once and ordered 5 starters and 5 main courses. The kitchen staff didn't know how to cook. They just mix and followed a procedure. As a result the dishes were bland and lack live. Your photographs showed pretty much the same experience as I had.

  2. Fred Chan : I agree he may be a good cook, as his name didn't get famous for nothing. It's just sad that I'm paying so much for that kind of "procedure" food. What's the point of that? It's rather disappointing, first time and ended with allergies which I've never ever had any.