Monday, October 15, 2012

Restaurant Bukit Jugra

So this is how they prepare the "Beggar's Delicacy". This is the place where they grill the food.
P/S: I have no idea why they named it "Beggar XXXX".. Maybe I should find out why..

 The food are all properly wrapped with many layers of paper and finally coated with clay. The clay does look disgusting... But don't be fooled by the awful yellow mud...

 Once it's ready, they'd use the barrel to transport it to the kitchen..

 So the unpacking begins.. They'd hit it hard till the clay breaks and then unpack the food.

 Glutinous rice. It has this really fragrant smell you can never forget...

 The famous Beggar's Chicken. I don't really fancy this though... It's supposed to be their signature dish.. Maybe I'm a bit biased. I prefer pork over chicken... This tastes like chicken with soy sauce. Lol...

 Beggar's can't remember what was this. It has pork (meat, stomach, and some other parts) and chicken feet and it's the dish I liked most. The sauce is quite thick... And it's perfect to go with rice or even porridge. There's even garlic in it, the entire garlic which was not separated. Love it! 

So the food on the table was way too much for eight people. Duh.

We had to take away the leftovers, it was just too much.. of MEAT! It's good to go with about 10-11 people. You MUST make a reservation along with your orders before going otherwise you won't get to eat anything. That's because the food (Mostly the "Beggar's" stuff...) you eat will be prepared a few days ahead. So don't think you'll get something if you don't book beforehand.

Restaurant Bukit Jugra
Permatang Pasir, 
Jalan Bukit Jugra,
42700 Banting Selangor
(03) 3120 2515

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