Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Brighton Pier Noodles and Rice

 There are a few row of shops at the pier area, mostly selling chinese fried noodles and rice.

 Surprisingly there is just this one shop that has queue, that probably attracted us to go for it. It's the second shop with 2 asian cooks. Fair enough, people expect asians to be cooking asian food. On top of that, the delicious smell came from this little stall too..

But I have to admit their fried rice was really good. I mean, for that sort of price, the quality is pretty good. It is cheap and the portion is huge. Do ask him to cook it with additional chilli paste if you're a fan of chilli. Spices up the dish. :)

However I have to say the cook is a man with attitude. Bad one too. For some reason he's being selective to people he wants to be nice to. Weird. But gahhh, it's the food. Pay, grab and leave. Don't bother talking. Anyways, my point is, you don't really need to be dining in a Michelin restaurant to get good food. :)

Brighton Pier Noodles and Rice
Madeira Drive
BN2 1TW East Sussex
United Kingdom

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