Tuesday, November 13, 2012

La Stazione di Salice

They have a section that you can purchase some really fine goods.. cheese, sauces, pasta, etc.

Very homey feeling...

I'm not a bread person but I just kept eating all of it..

I've concluded that I dislike eating salami like that but I've tried this one and it probably is another type... It tasted way better. It's a bit salted and it went well with the bread.. It looks a bit disgusting but it's actually very yummy

Honey pears with... I don't remember the stuff in the middle. It's a sweet starter. 

Ravioli. This one was pretty well done, the skin and sauce was not too thick so it was easy to finish. Inner part was some meat, small pinch of it so it wouldn't be too filling.




The famous sea bass on salt.

Very fresh and sweet. I never really like squeezing lemon on fish because I feel the original is always better.

Mont blanc I think?

Chocolate pudding with ice cream

Italian desserts are the best. Not too sweet and always easier to finish. Considering that I have sensitive teeth, that explains why I can tell which ones are too sweet and which ones aren't. Once I eat desserts which are too sweet my teeth sends signal that it's aching. Don't get me wrong, it just aches but nothing's going to fall off. So my point is, always order a dessert to finish off if you're in Italy.

La Stazione di Salice
Via Diviani 5/7,
Salice Terme
27055 Pavia
+39 03 83 94 45 01

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