Sunday, November 11, 2012

Namu Japanese

 Chicken teriyaki. It's just fried chicken with teriyaki sauce, very much like instant food...

 Instant gyoza. I saw them pouring in from the large packet of instant dumplings that can be bought from the Asian grocers. It doesn't even taste like gyoza, it's more like chinese meat dumpling... The batter is way too thick... If I'm paying for instant food that I can cook, that's not worth it at all...

 Tempura with rice. Let's just talk about the horrible tempura... The batter is obviously way too thick! And they charge extra £1 for one prawn. Nobody prepares such horrible thick battered tempura...

Same tempura. As for the udon, it's totally instant noodle.. The soup has not much taste in it, just pure salty and the noodles were not even properly cooked! In fact it was not really cooked to begin with. It was HALF cooked. For £4 or was it £5, this bowl of noodle is terrible. Even any Japanese instant noodle from Asian grocers taste better..

This Japanese restaurant is fully operated by Koreans. No offence but the food is extremely terrible I will never go back again.

Namu Japan
Kingston Ancient Market
Market Place
Kingston upon Thames
KT1 1JS London
United Kingdom


  1. This Namu place is a market stall on the side of a road so one cannot expect too much such as comparing it to a restaurant with better kitchen facilities. There is simply no room for huge pots of soup stock for the udon and noodles. But it is ok for street food in England as the alternatives are of similar quality.

  2. Fred Chan : Unfortunately, the street food I had in other markets were pretty awesome (Portobello market and some I couldn't remember). The tempura batter wasn't even a proper batter. It's just too thick I thought I was eating batter alone. If the noodle is pretty much instant noodle, I might as well buy one and cook it at home if you get me.

    Even if it's a street/market food, it has to have a little bit of quality that proves the shop is worth being there.

    I was really disappointed to be fed with instant food. Really. Not that I'm expecting a lot, but at least, use proper ingredients to serve.. Even gyoza isn't a gyoza.. -.-"