Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Osteria L'Aricciarola

Buffalo mozzarella.. super juicy, soft and milky. Very refreshing, don't even feel like it's a cheese. It's very, very mild.

Some egg. Probably omelette?

Pork. Don't really like it, bit salty.

Ricotta cheese... Unlike the buffalo mozzarella, ricotta cheese is firm. Something like cream... It's a very mild cheese.


Salami, beans, olives. This sentence is biased, I don't like olives so I don't find it good. It's a bit salty and very sour. As for the salami, it tasted a bit odd, hard and not sure if it's smoked? Well never mind, I didn't like the salami.

So this is how the locals eat, antipastis all over. It's just something new to me as I thought it's all about pastas or pizzas in Italy.

Pappardelle with wild boar sauce. I would classify this as an exotic dish, as not many people likes to eat wild boar. Some people dislike the taste/smell of the wild boar, hence, overall, no. It's a bit oily too. I personally like this dish as I am OK with the taste.

Can't remember what was this.Some fried cream? With loads of chocolate sauce.

Tiramisu. I like how they popped in some chocolate chips (or was it coffee beans? I'm not too sure) in the tiramisu. The one over here tasted more like a chocolate dessert. Something different.

Osteria L'Aricciarola
Via Borgo San Rocco 9,
00040 Rome
+39 06 93 34 10 3

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