Saturday, November 3, 2012

Ristorante Pizzeria Azetium

A bottle of wine every night, perfect. :)

 Buffalo mozzarella with tomatoes. I love buffalo mozzarella!! So juicy and refreshing....

Sliced parma ham. Thinly sliced and slightly salted. Perfect!

 Polipo! Grilled octopus...

 Salmon pasta. I can't even remember what pasta this is... there are too many kinds of pasta in Italy.. Fascinating (for someone who has never seen so many types before...) This pasta was very lightly done, not too creamy. It's just so good you won't realize that you've finished the entire place because it's really very light.

 Fritto misto

 Foot-long pizza!!!! Select up to four different flavours and you'll get that super long pizza!! I've never seen so long pizza before.... 

 Panna cotta

 Tiramisu! I love how they sprinkled the cocoa powder... Look at that awesome fork! :O Ordering a tiramisu can never be wrong if you are in Italy. This one was a tad bit dry, but I believe it just depends on one's taste. I like it juicier. :)

 Limoncello to wrap up!

Even the pizza box is so pretty!

Ristorante Pizzeria Azetium
Viale Giuletti 40,
27045 Pavia
+39 03 83 83 56 0

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