Monday, November 12, 2012


 Scallops with bacon strips. It was OK, scallops were fresh.

 Roasted grouse. The waiter recommended this dish so we ordered it. If you're not someone who loves trying new stuff, don't order this dish. It has some sort of weird taste in it, not sure if it's the herbs or the meat itself. Besides, there were little bullets as tiny as a 1mm diameter in it which was deemed "normal" by the waiter. You wouldn't know when you will bite on those little bullets and hurt your teeth. Not good. I don't like this dish at all.

 Fish and chips. Apparently another best selling item. I disagree, batter is WAY too thick. Very little meat inside. The chips were a little overcooked - a bit too hard. Hard and crispy are two different attributes... If it's crispy, it's the slight golden part on the outside where it's easy to eat and crunchy. Overcooking it makes it hard and difficult to eat. I don't really get why is there an onion in the middle.

 Pear and apple salad

Chocolate pudding. This was good. I love the cream on top... Soft, fluffy and most important not sweet.

Not quite pleasant for a first timer. Maybe this place is good for roast chicken or something. I'd like to try it again. Just don't order the grouse or the fish and chips. Remember to book online to avoid disappointments.

The Floral Hall
Stoney Street
SE1 1TL London
United Kingdom
0845 034 7300

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