Sunday, November 4, 2012

Trattoria Il Tettarello

Mixed bruschetta - smoked salmon, artichoke spread, olive spread, tomatoes and parma ham.

Parma ham with melon. Odd combination, sweet and salty but surprisingly refreshing. Great appetizer to start off..

Some pasta, can't remember what was this but I don't really like the pasta itself..

Carbonara. I love carbonara but I don't like the pasta....

Veal with bacon and wine. Perfectly done. Salted bacon along with the thinly sliced veal, very tender and not too salty.

The pizza. Apparently they are famous for their pizza.

Trattoria Il Tettarello
Via dei Capocci 4/5,
00184 Rome
+39 06 47 42 13 0


  1. Ah... I love smoked salmon bruschetta.

  2. Jerine: Hahahaha yes it's damn nice!!! Except the bread crust is abit too hard... :S