Friday, November 30, 2012

Wasabi Dessert Room

 Mango snow ice. Of course it cannot be compared to the ones in Malaysia / HongKong. But it's not bad.... 

Pandan waffle with green tea ice cream. This is my first time trying pandan waffle. Something rare... not everywhere serves pandan waffle!!

Wasabi Dessert Room
63 Faulknaur Street,
M1 4FF Manchester
United Kingdom
0161 228 7288


  1. i been there before, the snowices beat Hongkong, even tong pak fu ! i was disappointed with the snowices with tong pak fu they have lacked the heart in making them like before =[, but with dessert room they all ways have a smile and heart making them so that makes it the best in Manchester ENGLAND ! SO you cant compare it to far far faaarrr east desserts xD , AT LEAST wasabi is trying something different in England ;), making you feel like your home than being a foreigner. am just saying haha but nice pictures ;)

  2. Anonymous - I would definitely agree that having desserts like that gave a little flavour of home, but I personally feel that the shaved ice back home/HK is very much better.... It's very much thinner whereas the one at Wasabi is much thicker. As for the taste, not really a big difference. Not saying Wasabi is bad, considering that it is UK standards, it is good enough.. That's why I said I'm not planning to compare it to the ones back home :P