Monday, December 31, 2012

Roast Chicken

So I've promised to write some quick recipes to fill up your tummy. First of all, I will only include the ingredients I've used, I will not state the exact amount for condiments - that's because I add according to what I smell / taste. Sometimes, you can adjust all of it according to your own preference. 

I threw in whatever I have/see in the kitchen. The ingredients were not specifically chosen just to prepare the dish. You can pop in whatever vegetables you like..

Stuff used-

  • Whole chicken
  • Carrots 
  • Potatoes
  • Brussels
  • 1 Lemon (Cut into half, put half of it inside the chicken and the rest on the outside)
  • Mixed herbs (Sprinkle all over)
  • Fresh thyme (Stuff it inside the chicken)
  • Onion 
  • Garlic (Chop into small pieces and have it spread evenly)
  • Pepper
  • Salt
  • Oil (A little so the chicken won't stick on the foil)
Once you're done, put it on a tray, into the oven at about... 180-200°C perhaps. It takes around an hour plus to have it cooked... Of course something like that is more like for the lazy ones. It's something real quick for students too.. :D

P/S: Please don't expect too much... As long as it is edible! :)

Monday, December 24, 2012

Little Sicily

 A very typical Italian restaurants who serves bread and bread sticks to begin with. A friend once told me for a Italian restaurant to be good, they have to serve good bread. I'm not sure how true it is, but apparently it does say something. Think of it whenever you go for Italian food and see if that means something. Anyway... I do like the bread in lighter yellow... It has some kind of herb taste and the outer crust is crispy!

 We opted for the offer from Bookatable, £10 for a meal of 3. The buffalo mozarella and tomatoes. It was good but it seemed a little different from the ones I had in Italy. The obvious difference is the ones in Italy are super juicy... Not sure why is this slightly dry. I still prefer the ones I had in Italy.. Well this was OK still, just tad bit dry.

 The bruschetta. I never really like bruschettas as I find it plain... Maybe I don't appreciate Bruschettas so my opinion would be biased to begin with.. It's just baguette and tomatos anyway.

 The farfalle al salmone. I've always liked my pasta really really light. Also preferably to come with traces of fish meat, like the one I had in Azetium. It was one of the lightest salmon pasta I've ever had... So light I kept eating and eating without realizing that I almost finished the entire portion.. So anyway this one was a little too heavy. I couldn't even finish half of it.. Besides I could barely see any traces of salmon fish..

The tiramisu was good though. It was light and fluffy.. The cream was just about the right amount.

Overall I would say the food is not bad. There are a couple of deals and are quite reasonable (Check The deal changes from time to time, the one I had was £10 for a meal of 3. Not bad, eh? Don't forget to order a glass of wine on top of everything! :) 

Little Sicily
36-40 Rupert Street,
W1D 6DW London
United Kingdom
020 7287 8989

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Palm Court Brasserie

 Soup of the day - rich creamy tomato soup. I prefer smaller sized croutons. These are a bit too huge.. Besides, I feel there shouldn't be that many pieces of croutons as it occupies 1/3 of the soup already. Not just that, these croutons will absorb the soup and turns out to be soggy. If you like soggy bread then you might like it but really, I feel they could've done better with the croutons. The soup was OK but the croutons have already absorbed most of the soup away...

 Home cured salmon with bread. Nothing special really. You can actually prepare this at home even.

Sunday roast is the way to go... Half chicken with roast vegetables and yorkshire pudding. The portion is humongous!!! A three-course meal is enough to feed 2 people actually... Especially if you're small eaters... I could barely finish half of the half-chicken... Anyway the roast chicken was great, strong in flavours, particularly herbs... which I can't really tell which herbs they've used. Gravy compliments the chicken and tasteless vegetables. Yorkshire pudding was just nice too. A little bit crusty on the outside, which is perfect. Yorkshire puddings are normally served with gravy in the middle... However, I prefer having it without gravy. I don't like it soft and soaked with gravy. As for this one, they did serve it with gravy. I'm not saying it's not good, it's just that I prefer having it without gravy, and I feel  the gravy should be served separately so it'll give us a choice whether or not to pour the gravy in.

Do reserve your table online to be on the safe side. It is still pretty full even after 2pm. :)

Palm Court Brasserie
39 King Street,
Covent Garden
WC2E 8JS London
United Kingdom
020 7240 2939

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Friday, December 21, 2012


 Char kuey teow. Apart from being a little bit too salty, it actually tasted like a plate of char kuey teow... The reason why I'm saying this is because there are a lot of restaurants who claims to serve char kuey teow but tastes nothing like one. Obviously nothing close to home, but it's pretty OK for taste, portion and price. It's about £6, not too bad.

"Laksa", which I'm quite disappointed with. The menu shows "Laksa" and the picture displays a huge bowl of Asam Laksa. Logically, that's the selling point isn't it? So when it came, so obvious that isn't Asam Laksa. This is Curry Laksa!!! How can they market something and serve another thing? The curry laksa tastes OK except a little overdosed of coconut milk perhaps. But my point is, be specific which Laksa and don't simply market something and serve another. Misleading...

I came to know of this Malaysian restaurant from the brochures they dropped down my mailbox. After so many months of not having Malaysian food, it actually did satisfy my cravings, not the best quality but it was considerably OK if you're living around Twickenham and don't want to go down to central London for food. The place is more like a takeaway counter than a proper dining restaurant... Don't expect to be walking into a posh restaurant.

69 Richmond Road,
TW1 3AW London
United Kingdom
020 8607 9787

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Jee Cee Neh

 I've not had Korean food in months so we've decided to go for it. I've heard that New Malden is the place for Korean food, not sure why is it. Apparently New Malden is London's Korean town.. There are so many Korean shops along the main street. We've had difficulties in picking which restaurant to go as there are so many along the way. So we did a little bit of research here and there and have then decided to go for Jee's Korean Restaurant, it's about half a mile from the train station.

 In most Korean restaurants, lettuce, garlic, chilli and the paste is free along with the BBQ stuff.. I'm not sure if this is a London thing where they charge for every single thing or it's just this restaurant... This is the first time I've been charged for something that should be complimentary. 

 The side dishes for the day - seaweed, kimchi, beansprout. Unlike in Korea, of course, they have really limited side dishes. It'd be good if they have more varieties actually. I'd say at least 5. I'm not sure if these are refillable either, usual Korean restaurants will refill it for free. Unfortunately this restaurant charges for every single thing.

 Japchae. I love the noodles... The portion is huge and it has a reasonable about of meat and vege altogether.  Most importantly... it's not too oily and dry.

 The pork ribs are awesome! It's so fresh and sweet I don't even feel like dipping it in the sauce. Having it wrapped with lettuce is heavenly. It is as though I have not ever had Korean food... Yummy! Normally I will only consume raw garlic if I eat Bah Kut Teh.... I'm weird like that, I had it cooked before consuming... I can't seem to eat it raw when it comes to Korean food..

Ox tongue, gyutan, my favourite! It's just that not everywhere serves good ones. It should be thinly sliced, if it's not thin enough it will be too chewy and hard, thus, wasting the food already. The thinner it is, the better it'll be. One of my favourite gyutan dish would be the one in Menya, Melbourne.

We were served by this lady who is extremely friendly. She did the cooking and kept engaging with us with interesting stories. I think we were the only non-Koreans in the restaurant. There were a couple of tables with only Koreans inside. It's definitely worth a try if you're down in New Malden. It's about £12-£15 per person for a meal like that. If you're only going for per portion food, say a bowl of bibimbap, it should be lesser than £10. Aside from the need to pay for sauce and the limited side dishes, the food is actually not bad.  

Jee's Korean Restaurant
74 Burlington Road,
KT3 4NU New Malden
United Kingdom
020 8942 0682

Jee Cee Neh Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Restaurant Kam Ling

 So I've been told that I'm posting way too much food from the UK.. So here I'm posting Malaysian food. People have always talked about the Curry Chicken Bread in Kampar. It was my first time to Kampar, only there for a short while. Enough time for us to grab one portion. The bread is really huge.. We had this for afternoon tea, unlike in the UK it's all sweet stuff.

 The curry chicken is wrapped with a thick paper, stuffed in the bread.

Yummy! The portion is so huge, enough to cater 4 people, or more if you're not a big eater. 

So my verdict is.. It is good, bread always goes well with curry sauce.. But I think the bread is a bit too sweet. I believe they used a lot of sugar in preparing the bread. To be frank, it's just the presentation that makes it so famous.. It's nothing really exceptionally different from just curry chicken and bread. If you're there for the first time, do try it and you'll get what I mean.

Restaurant Kam Ling
105-107 Jalan Idris,
Kampar 31900 Perak
(05) 466 1174

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Muriel's Kitchen

 Ham and minestrone soup

 Grilled salmon with miso, honey, coriander and ginger sauce

 Roasted potato wedges with paprika, rosemary and garlic with sour cream and chives

Orange and poppy seed cake

They serve authentic home-cooked Brit food. Another interesting fact about this place is the menu changes every month. If you're looking for affordable place to eat in South Kensington, try this one. It's located right outside South Kensington tube. Price range at about £15 to £20 per person depending on the orders. This place is always busy, even after lunch hours. You might need to queue for a table... Not just about the food they serve, they even share their recipes online. You can even try cooking it at home! :)

Muriel's Kitchen
1-3 Pelham Street,
South Kensington
SW7 2ND London
United Kingdom
020 7589 3511

Monday, December 17, 2012


Wagamama ramen. It costs AUD18 for just a bowl of ramen, nothing special. It's an overpriced bowl of ramen.

The bento box

Small portion, expensive and not authentic. Fried ebi gyoza tasted like instant gyoza anyone can prepare. Salad with Japanese dressing that can be bought from the supermarket. Really nothing special.

The pathetic portion of beef teriyaki. Shame that it just tasted like anyone can make it.

Chicken teriyaki.

Miso soup.

Honestly, with the price you're paying you can definitely get better quality Jap food in Melbourne. I don't think I'll go back to Wagamama anymore. 

Wagamama Chadstone
1341 Dandenong Road,
Melbourne 3148 VIC
(03) 9530 9410

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Le Comptoir

Lamb wrap. The wrap was a bit chewy, lamb was quite good. The salad is a salty and sour, not sure what sauce they used.

Mixed saled. I don't know what salad sauce they used but it was really salty, we didn't like it at all.. It's probably the same sauce they use for all of the salads.

Some cake with ice cream. I can't remember what was this already.

Overall, I didn't really enjoy the food in this restaurant. Perhaps it's not much specialty in flavours, it's either too hard to chew or it's too salty. The design of this shop reminds me of Mamak stalls back in Malaysia. Lol...

Le Comptoir
65 Wigmore Street,
W1U 1JT London
United Kingdom
020 7935 1110

Friday, December 14, 2012

Sports Bar and Grill

Beer battered cod fish. One of the best fish and chips I've tried in London so far! The batter is not thick and the portion of the fish is huge (and fresh!!), enough for two.

Food is good but the service is horrible. It took forever for someone to serve is. Yes it is true that during peak times it gets a bit busier, if that is so, hire more people? Just 3 or 4 waitresses running the entire place with at least a 100 people in it seriously?

Sports Bar and Grill
London Victoria Station
Victoria Street
United Kingdom
020 7630 7482

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Thursday, December 13, 2012

The Circus Cafe and Restaurant

 Fish of the day. Grilled sea bass. Fresh, sweet and juicy.

 Fillet steak. Perfect texture, medium and tender.

Today's vegetables. Seasonal item.

The food was really good, and the service was superb. There's this man without uniform, the manager perhaps, he really took the initiative to explain which wine is good for the food we've ordered. He also took the time to tell us a little bit about their food, which one is fresh, which one is good to go today. His suggestions were really good, we enjoyed our food. This place is always full, even on a Tuesday, bookings goes up to 10pm. If you intend to walk-in you probably have to to that after 9.30pm.

Another good thing about this restaurant is the menu. It changes all the time, and do ask for their today's only menu. You might find yourself a good surprise. :)

The Circus Cafe and Restaurant
34 Brock Street,
BA1 2LN Bath
United Kingdom
012 2546 6020

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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Sally Lunn's House

So I mentioned the Bath Bun in the previous post. Apparently Sally Lunn's bun is the original Bath Bun. The bun is quite huge, it can be used to prepare savoury dishes or sweet dishes.

 We tried the roast beef sandwich. Yes the bread is good, definitely. But it really reminds me of buns we can get in Malaysia. Sort of the Kopitiam style toasted bread with fillings. 

It's good definitely, but I don't really think it's anything to shout about. I personally feel these kind of bread, the round buttery type ones can be found in many places nowadays. It's just probably this has been around for a long time so it's deemed to be the "original" bun. But since it's the "original" one, you should try it at least once. If you really like it you can buy the entire bun back too, but the buns are limited so better be there early if you want to buy it.

Sally Lunn's House
4 North Parade Passage,
BA1 1NX Bath
United Kingdom
012 2546 1634

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