Sunday, December 9, 2012


 The name isn't something special but the food is actually OK, like if you're willing to pay at about £15 then it's actually OK

 Roasted duck with potatoes and vege

 Scotch eggs! Savoury eggs from Sainsbury is one of my favourite..It's the little pork balls with mashed eggs in the middle. Anyway, scotch egg is the larger version where the eggs aren't mashed. It's pretty special as you can't really get this anywhere else except the UK.

Scones. They were not extraordinarily good. A little too dry.

 Honestly. Do not EVER order beef. It's overcooked and it has this horrible not fresh beef smell you know you will taste it.

 Thursday roast. Sirloin beef with yorkshire pudding. Beef not fresh, yorkshire pudding overdone.

Minced pie. I'm not sure how minced pie tasted so I've decided to give it a shot. Never thought that this is EXTREMELY sweet!!!! Not of my liking as I've always have this mindset where pies are savoury type of food. It's just weird. If you like sweet stuff you'll probably like it. :)

Nevertheless, I won't ever come back anymore. The service was pretty horrible. Took them forever to bring us something and because of that we were a little annoyed. Hence, not going to give tips since it's pretty self-serviced. They got annoyed because we weren't going to pay tips! The waitress was so rude and she purposely included tips even when we didn't want to pay. Bottom line is, food isn't that great and service suck big time. Why waste money in this restaurant with such people that would spoil your day. Honestly, do pick somewhere else if you have a choice.

Canteen Covent Garden
21 Wellington Street,
Covent Garden
WC2E 7DN London
United Kingdom
020 7836 8368

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