Thursday, December 20, 2012

Jee Cee Neh

 I've not had Korean food in months so we've decided to go for it. I've heard that New Malden is the place for Korean food, not sure why is it. Apparently New Malden is London's Korean town.. There are so many Korean shops along the main street. We've had difficulties in picking which restaurant to go as there are so many along the way. So we did a little bit of research here and there and have then decided to go for Jee's Korean Restaurant, it's about half a mile from the train station.

 In most Korean restaurants, lettuce, garlic, chilli and the paste is free along with the BBQ stuff.. I'm not sure if this is a London thing where they charge for every single thing or it's just this restaurant... This is the first time I've been charged for something that should be complimentary. 

 The side dishes for the day - seaweed, kimchi, beansprout. Unlike in Korea, of course, they have really limited side dishes. It'd be good if they have more varieties actually. I'd say at least 5. I'm not sure if these are refillable either, usual Korean restaurants will refill it for free. Unfortunately this restaurant charges for every single thing.

 Japchae. I love the noodles... The portion is huge and it has a reasonable about of meat and vege altogether.  Most importantly... it's not too oily and dry.

 The pork ribs are awesome! It's so fresh and sweet I don't even feel like dipping it in the sauce. Having it wrapped with lettuce is heavenly. It is as though I have not ever had Korean food... Yummy! Normally I will only consume raw garlic if I eat Bah Kut Teh.... I'm weird like that, I had it cooked before consuming... I can't seem to eat it raw when it comes to Korean food..

Ox tongue, gyutan, my favourite! It's just that not everywhere serves good ones. It should be thinly sliced, if it's not thin enough it will be too chewy and hard, thus, wasting the food already. The thinner it is, the better it'll be. One of my favourite gyutan dish would be the one in Menya, Melbourne.

We were served by this lady who is extremely friendly. She did the cooking and kept engaging with us with interesting stories. I think we were the only non-Koreans in the restaurant. There were a couple of tables with only Koreans inside. It's definitely worth a try if you're down in New Malden. It's about £12-£15 per person for a meal like that. If you're only going for per portion food, say a bowl of bibimbap, it should be lesser than £10. Aside from the need to pay for sauce and the limited side dishes, the food is actually not bad.  

Jee's Korean Restaurant
74 Burlington Road,
KT3 4NU New Malden
United Kingdom
020 8942 0682

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  1. Gyutan don from menya! mmm mmm.. quite hard to come by elsewhere!