Monday, December 24, 2012

Little Sicily

 A very typical Italian restaurants who serves bread and bread sticks to begin with. A friend once told me for a Italian restaurant to be good, they have to serve good bread. I'm not sure how true it is, but apparently it does say something. Think of it whenever you go for Italian food and see if that means something. Anyway... I do like the bread in lighter yellow... It has some kind of herb taste and the outer crust is crispy!

 We opted for the offer from Bookatable, £10 for a meal of 3. The buffalo mozarella and tomatoes. It was good but it seemed a little different from the ones I had in Italy. The obvious difference is the ones in Italy are super juicy... Not sure why is this slightly dry. I still prefer the ones I had in Italy.. Well this was OK still, just tad bit dry.

 The bruschetta. I never really like bruschettas as I find it plain... Maybe I don't appreciate Bruschettas so my opinion would be biased to begin with.. It's just baguette and tomatos anyway.

 The farfalle al salmone. I've always liked my pasta really really light. Also preferably to come with traces of fish meat, like the one I had in Azetium. It was one of the lightest salmon pasta I've ever had... So light I kept eating and eating without realizing that I almost finished the entire portion.. So anyway this one was a little too heavy. I couldn't even finish half of it.. Besides I could barely see any traces of salmon fish..

The tiramisu was good though. It was light and fluffy.. The cream was just about the right amount.

Overall I would say the food is not bad. There are a couple of deals and are quite reasonable (Check The deal changes from time to time, the one I had was £10 for a meal of 3. Not bad, eh? Don't forget to order a glass of wine on top of everything! :) 

Little Sicily
36-40 Rupert Street,
W1D 6DW London
United Kingdom
020 7287 8989

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