Friday, December 21, 2012


 Char kuey teow. Apart from being a little bit too salty, it actually tasted like a plate of char kuey teow... The reason why I'm saying this is because there are a lot of restaurants who claims to serve char kuey teow but tastes nothing like one. Obviously nothing close to home, but it's pretty OK for taste, portion and price. It's about £6, not too bad.

"Laksa", which I'm quite disappointed with. The menu shows "Laksa" and the picture displays a huge bowl of Asam Laksa. Logically, that's the selling point isn't it? So when it came, so obvious that isn't Asam Laksa. This is Curry Laksa!!! How can they market something and serve another thing? The curry laksa tastes OK except a little overdosed of coconut milk perhaps. But my point is, be specific which Laksa and don't simply market something and serve another. Misleading...

I came to know of this Malaysian restaurant from the brochures they dropped down my mailbox. After so many months of not having Malaysian food, it actually did satisfy my cravings, not the best quality but it was considerably OK if you're living around Twickenham and don't want to go down to central London for food. The place is more like a takeaway counter than a proper dining restaurant... Don't expect to be walking into a posh restaurant.

69 Richmond Road,
TW1 3AW London
United Kingdom
020 8607 9787

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