Sunday, December 23, 2012

Palm Court Brasserie

 Soup of the day - rich creamy tomato soup. I prefer smaller sized croutons. These are a bit too huge.. Besides, I feel there shouldn't be that many pieces of croutons as it occupies 1/3 of the soup already. Not just that, these croutons will absorb the soup and turns out to be soggy. If you like soggy bread then you might like it but really, I feel they could've done better with the croutons. The soup was OK but the croutons have already absorbed most of the soup away...

 Home cured salmon with bread. Nothing special really. You can actually prepare this at home even.

Sunday roast is the way to go... Half chicken with roast vegetables and yorkshire pudding. The portion is humongous!!! A three-course meal is enough to feed 2 people actually... Especially if you're small eaters... I could barely finish half of the half-chicken... Anyway the roast chicken was great, strong in flavours, particularly herbs... which I can't really tell which herbs they've used. Gravy compliments the chicken and tasteless vegetables. Yorkshire pudding was just nice too. A little bit crusty on the outside, which is perfect. Yorkshire puddings are normally served with gravy in the middle... However, I prefer having it without gravy. I don't like it soft and soaked with gravy. As for this one, they did serve it with gravy. I'm not saying it's not good, it's just that I prefer having it without gravy, and I feel  the gravy should be served separately so it'll give us a choice whether or not to pour the gravy in.

Do reserve your table online to be on the safe side. It is still pretty full even after 2pm. :)

Palm Court Brasserie
39 King Street,
Covent Garden
WC2E 8JS London
United Kingdom
020 7240 2939

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