Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Restaurant Kam Ling

 So I've been told that I'm posting way too much food from the UK.. So here I'm posting Malaysian food. People have always talked about the Curry Chicken Bread in Kampar. It was my first time to Kampar, only there for a short while. Enough time for us to grab one portion. The bread is really huge.. We had this for afternoon tea, unlike in the UK it's all sweet stuff.

 The curry chicken is wrapped with a thick paper, stuffed in the bread.

Yummy! The portion is so huge, enough to cater 4 people, or more if you're not a big eater. 

So my verdict is.. It is good, bread always goes well with curry sauce.. But I think the bread is a bit too sweet. I believe they used a lot of sugar in preparing the bread. To be frank, it's just the presentation that makes it so famous.. It's nothing really exceptionally different from just curry chicken and bread. If you're there for the first time, do try it and you'll get what I mean.

Restaurant Kam Ling
105-107 Jalan Idris,
Kampar 31900 Perak
(05) 466 1174

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