Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Tea at the Regency Tea Room

Afternoon tea at the Jane Austen Center. It's inside the building itself. Try reserving a table by the window. It feels better, I don't know. It's my own perception that sitting by the window the view is much better.

 I must say that this lady is extremely capable! She runs this place alone perhaps? I'm not quite sure but she was the only one serving. Like a few tables. She's very friendly and nice too.

 They have a variety of sets for you to pick. If you are not really hungry, grab something from the ala carte section.

The scones was awesome. It was still hot when she served it. The texture is a bit "bready", not too soft like cake. I love the cream with scones. It was so good I felt like finishing the entire bowl of cream!!

The famous Bath Bun. This place isn't the best place for Bath Bun apparently. I'll talk about that another time. Anyway what makes a that a Bath Bun, it's a bun with sugar and raisin. I don't really see how special it is, as it kind of reminds me of those buns back in Malaysia except the sugar content is probably way higher..

 Ever since I had the Victoria Sponge at Peggy's Pantry, I fell in love with it and had to get another. This version was way more tender, but a little too sweet.

I really like how the sets are named. Tea with the Austens, Tea with Mr. Darcy. I'm always attracted to pretty names. Anyway, do drop by for afternoon tea if you happen to be in Bath. Afternoon tea is Bath is a MUST :)

Regency Tea Room
40 Gay Street,
Queen Square
BA1 2NT Bath
United Kingdom

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