Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Far East Restaurant

Probably one of the worst duck rice I've ever eaten in Chinatown! It was obviously frozen leftovers, taken out from the freezer and had it deep fried again. Yes it was served hot, but definitely not fresh!

It's the same duck for noodles, except it's served with noodle and soup. Nothing special about their noodles, it's instant ones anyway. Soup is heavily relied on MSG. Shame that they are serving such instant food.

Are you seriously KIDDING me that this is a plate of Singapore fried noodle? They should change the name to SUPER oily and salty noodle! Yes the entire plate of noodle is soaked in oil! MSG content is so high I had to drink barrels of water (ok I was just exaggerating, but at least a few cups) and still feeling dehydrated.

The bill was supposed to amount to £19 for a total of 3 dishes and 1 (HORRIBLE Sze Chuan that tastes like a bowl of only starch and vinegar! EW.) soup. Due to Christmas day being, they AUTOMATICALLY charged us 30% service charge WITHOUT informing us beforehand. 30% of £19 is £5.70, so our bill should amount to £24.70. So we were being charged an extra 30% for microwave / frozen / instant / MSG food. Speaking of the receipt, look at how they actually presented the receipt???? HANDWRITTEN. OVERCHARGING also. Oh gosh.

Not just that, their waiters are so unwilling to work. If you're not willing to work on a public holiday then DON'T WORK! Such horrible attitude and terrible management will just drive people away. I will never return to this lousy shop! It's a shame I have to be writing something like that as I'm always pretty tolerant with food, but the poor quality of food totally ticked me off, and poor service contributed too. Unless you want to be scammed, you can always go and try out how horrible their food it. I had to be extra calculative with this restaurant, obviously, because of the quality of food and how we were being served.

P/S: I have also lodged a complaint to the necessary authorities. It's time for them to learn that they are scamming consumers!

P/P/S: This restaurant is located in the heart of Chinatown. You can't really miss if you happen to be there.

Far East Restaurant
13 Gerrard Street,
W1D 5PS London
United Kingdom

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  1. I thought only good food makes it to your blog.. haha..Definitely overpriced for takeaway food! Thanx for the heads up!

  2. Lex : No worries... Nope, everything makes it to my blog :P You can always try and you may see it differently, but I won't recommend :)

  3. I think the service charge is "recommended" rather than compulsory and contractual as the 30% was not stated at the door prior to entry or even on the menu. Therefore you could have paid the advertised service charge.

  4. Anonymous : I didn't want to pay but they insisted it's compulsory because it's Christmas Day. I asked for the proper receipt and they gave me a written one. I wanted to pay the advertised but my friends didn't want the hassle and just paid. I thought it would be good to warn other people about it as well, not to go to that place to avoid being treated the same way.