Tuesday, January 15, 2013

La Place

A very nice restaurant, or rather food court. As you walk in to the place you'll feel as though you're walking into supermarket's food section. There are a few different booths specializing in different cuisines. There are booths for salad, grilled chicken, grilled seafood, fish and chips, chinese food, soup, fruits and even drinks. Speaking of drinks, they offer a variety range of healthy drinks - fruit juices, smoothies, mixed fruit juice, everything they can offer for a healthier option.

It's a DIY bowl of salad. They charge by the size of the bowl, irregardless how much you actually put in the bowl, so fill up more!!

 One thing about this place is they prepare everything fresh. You want a sirloin cut? Yup, pick the piece you like and then they'll prepare it fresh. Payment to be made after order, before collection.

The grilled chicken was really tempting, the smell of the chicken made a long queue but I've decided not to get it because the portion is really huge..

It's more like a "high class" food court than a proper restaurant. Well, for a food court, they definitely serve cheap and delicious food, for a cheap price too. Of course, don't go for the chinese food unless you're craving for it. The grilled chicken is definitely a better option :)

La Place
Kalverstraat 203,
1012 Amsterdam


  1. I'm curious about the mushrooms in the salad. What are those?

  2. LeX : Those are pan-fried mushroom with thick gravy. I'm not sure what have they used for the gravy, but it tasted really sweet. Perhaps a good combination for the raw vegetables. :)

  3. Hmm.. interesting.. maybe they're balsamic shrooms. Shall try and see how it goes with cold salad!