Saturday, January 19, 2013

Restaurant Mai Thai

Some stir-fry fish with vegetables. I never like bamboo shoot.. That's one thing that should never exist in food!!! Even if it has to be in, the amount should be minimum. I felt like I was swallowing pieces of bamboo shoots instead. What a waste!

Stir-fry chicken with vegetables. This tasted like anybody can cook it. Not spicy at all, just some soy-sauce chicken? Pouring the entire bottle of soy sauce isn't going to make this dish any better!

Fish cakes were OK. Tasted like instant food... Just buy a packet of fish cakes, deep fry it and serve with Thai sweet chilli sauce. Taa-dah. All you need is some "deep-fry skills", that's it.

Tom yam clear soup. Clear indeed! Almost tasteless, not sour, not salty, not spicy. What is this? I can't even tell you.

Red curry beef with vegetables with TONNES AND TONNES OF BAMBOO SHOOTS!!! Again, this is a bowl of bamboo shoots, with curry. Who the heck puts that much bamboo shoots into the food??? Is it that cheap? I didn't know bamboo shoots are falling off from the sky nowadays!

The restaurant was empty when we went inside. Not operated by Thais obviously, serving lousy dishes that can barely make it to the table. How bout hiring me instead since it's just merely "throwing things into the wok" or instant food? The waiters were super ignorant too, no smiles at all, did not even place the proper cutlery on the table. Oh yes, we were only given forks, am I supposed to drink the soup with a fork or each with ONLY a fork? Goodness gracious, no wonder the restaurant is empty. Value for money? Nothing on the table is worth eating, don't even discuss about the value. NOT recommended at all! 

It is so bad they should change their name to Restaurant Bamboo Shoots!!

Restaurant Mai Thai
Korte Leidsedwarsstraat 99,
1017 Amsterdam

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