Wednesday, January 9, 2013

The Mad Hatters Tea Party

These are plain wooden metal chairs and tables but they painted it to suit the theme. Cuteness overload!

It's a small shop with only about 5 tables. We wanted to get scones as most of the online reviews recommended that it is good. True enough, by 1pm they were all gone. No chance to try the scones :( !

 Jacket potato. You can customize your own toppings so we chose shredded cheese and mayonnaise chicken. Portion is so huge it should be for two!

 Carrot and coriander soup. Very creamy and thick. It somewhat felt a bit Chinese-y feel because of the coriander. It's really good, very rich in taste.

Caramel pear and cherry cake. I don't know what to say about this cake, it was my first time eating a cake where there are pears on it. Something different. Well, the pears are soft and sweet and the cake is like a sponge cake, not sweet so it'll compliment with the pears. Perfect!

Do try the scones and let me know if it's good! :)

The Mad Hatters Tea Party
5 Orange Grove,
BA1 1LP Bath
United Kingdom
012 2546 6733

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