Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Mino Japanese Korean

 The new Jap-Korean restaurant in Kingston. It does look like a proper restaurant.. (When I mean proper, it's not a takeaway shop!)

 Foodwise? We were spoilt with choices... We had the sudden urge to order everything.. The lunch sets are pretty reasonable, ranging between £6 - £12. The normal menu, with more choices are slightly higher in price, but still OK. A plate of sushi would cost about £3+-.

 I have been craving for a green tea latte for ages! For some reason, I can't seem to find it in Starbucks UK anymore. So anyway, I ordered their green tea latte... Surprisingly it was actually good... The green tea was strong and the whole cup is not sweet, unlike Starbucks's. Starbucks green tea latte is actually extremely sweet! This cup of latte could be a little better if they can improve on the taste of the green tea. Well, I'm not saying I cannot taste it at all, I just feel it should be stronger. Also, it's a little too diluted, I like it thick.

 I love the teapot!! *drools*

 Tai sushi. Properly done actually. You know how some places actually slice the fish really thinly or too much of rice? Surprisingly, it was worth the £3.20! It's very fresh and perfectly done (and cheap!!).

The kimchi pancake was served hot, crispy on the side, very strong in kimchi smell. If you dislike kimchi, I'd say please don't order because the smell of it is super strong! I love it by the way. Thickness was about right, I dislike thick flour pancakes, what's the point of eating thick pancakes, might as well just swallow the packet of flour. They made it just nice, which allows extra room for other food :)

 The udon set, which I expected it to be fried udon. It turned out to be udon soup... Gah, never mind. Obviously they are not specialized in udon, unlike Koya (oh dear I thought I have already written about it but I haven't. Soon, soon). Koya's udon are freshly made which is nothing compared to this one. Overall, I'd say it's OK, nothing to shout about... But it was really cheap to have such huge set for only £7.50!! As I've mentioned, the sushi's pretty good too.

We ordered the Katsu Chicken Set but they made the wrong thing and served the Katsu Bento instead. Not too bad, the chicken katsu was freshly made, thinly battered, thin piece of chicken katsu served with plum sauce. I'm not really a fan of plum sauce so I'd say it's better off without the sauce. 

The shop is still new, it has only been around for a few days. Our orders were pretty messed up, as you can see, they served the wrong katsu, but fortunately they charged the one we ordered, not the one they served. Bento boxes are at least £10. They overcharged us without realizing, so please do check before making payment. It's probably because it is still new and they are lacking of staffs. It's actually worth it and I'll be back again another time for their Japchae (Looks yummy from far...!!!) :)

Mino Japanese Korean
20 Eden Street,
Kingston upon Thames
KT1 1BB London
United Kingdom
020 8546 5283

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