Wednesday, February 27, 2013

SS2 Murni

My favourite claypot lou shu fun from Murni. It's just a simple claypot with LSF, minced chicken, raw egg and spring onion. 

Normal mamak serves the standard food, different kinds of roti canai, mee goreng, nasi goreng. One thing that makes Murni so different is their names of the roti canai, Roti Beckham, Roti Hawaii. I only ordered the Roti Kosong (plain). I don't really like fancy stuff, maybe only Roti Planta or Roti Banana.

They even make other things possible. Spaghetti mamak style, seafood, meatballs, whatever you feel like having.

Murni has always been one of the expensive mamaks, so be prepared to pay more. Try their Mango Special too. One of my favourite ^_^

The best thing about being in Malaysia? You can get food at any time of the day ^^. I'm not sure if SS2 runs all day, but it runs till late (that supper spot after clubbing) and closes on Monday.

Murni SS2
53 Jalan SS 2/75,
Petaling Jaya 47300 Selangor

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