Friday, March 22, 2013

Thai Tho

The not-really-spicy green curry.

I don't know what beef is this really. More like throwing everything they have the in the kitchen and then stir fry it. It was super salty I had to drink so many glasses of water.

Meat skewers. Nothing extraordinary, really. Funny I never really knew that this is a Thai thing.

Tom yum clear soup was so salty as well. A little bit spicy, perhaps that was it.

Overall, I didn't really enjoy the meal. Not very authentic, adding too much of everything. The staff who served us was really horrible too. Either he's not willing to work or something was really wrong with him that night. He was so demotivated to work, he couldn't even walk like a normal person - he was dragging his feet on the floor while walking and made that really irritating noise. Every time we asked for something - eg extra bowl for soup, spoons for soup (Like DUH? Am I supposed to use a fork to drink the soup?) he was so reluctant to do. All he kept doing was chatting with the other waitress in the restaurant. Really? I will consider to come back for the food if it's good, but too bad nothing's really worth my time and money. I'd rather go to Patara Thai.

Sorry for the really bad quality pictures, probably just as bad as the actual food itself. Oh yes, to add on, it's not cheap to dine here either.

Thai Tho
42 Rupert Street,
W1D 6PD London
United Kingdom

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Siam Central

 Thai ice tea. It's so sweet, if you don't like sugary/sweet stuff, don't order because this drink is sweet irregardless. It has very strong condensed milk taste as well. Felt like I was drinking teh tarik with too much of condensed milk... I didn't really like it that much because it's sweet.

 All of us had the £10 for 3 meals - starter, main and dessert. The most typical Thai starter would be the Thai fish cakes. The sesame baguette slices were served hot and cripsy. The wanton... I find it a bit weird because this isn't a Thai dish. Nevertheless... the black sauce isn't soy sauce. It was some kind of thick sweet sauce.. Just weird. Not that it isn't good, it just isn't that authentic.

 Green curry... with tonnes of bamboo shoots in it. I don't really understand why must there be so much of bamboo shoots in it? It could have been better if there are no bamboo shoots in it. At least quarter of the bowl had slices of bamboo shoots. Unfortunately I find that very disappointing because that's just a method to "reduce cost" by filling the bowl with ingredients that should not be in.

 Pad thai.. I was never a fan of Pad Thai so I don't exactly find it interesting. It seems like a plate of Char Kueh Teow but it's sweet and slightly sour. I like Char Kueh Teow better though...

 Drunken noodles. The name is really interesting!! So do I get drunk from eating these noodles or the noodles are for drunk people :PP Anyway, the taste did not differ much from the Pad Thai, like a sweeter (and spicier) version of Char Kueh Teow. 

 Coconut ice cream and green tea ice cream to end our meal. The coconut ice cream was fantastic though. It has those little bits of coconut in it and I really love it.

Banana fritter with vanilla ice cream. It was served hot, so hot it will burn your tongue, really. It's just battered banana with caramel / honey / syrup. So it's sweet + hot + slight savoury because of the batter. Which is not too bad. 

Overall I wouldn't say the food is superbly good but it is not bad. Taste / Quality is there, but can be improved. Again, no complains since it is £10 for 3 courses, which is a pretty good deal in central London. 

I noticed that they do serve Thai tapas which is quite interesting. I believe those are snack dishes that comes in small portions like Spanish tapas. You may want to try that if the main doesn't seem very much appealing. 

Siam Central
14 Charlotte Street,
W1T 2LX London
United Kingdom

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Linas Bar

The lady in the hostel recommended this place for bar food. We ordered the famous Swedish meatballs for lunch. 

Pork fillets. A little too chewy, I didn't really like it.

I really like the meatballs, it seems like minced meat instead of meatballs actually. Part of me hope that there was no horse meat in it due to the recent horse meat scam. But whatever... it was really good especially with lingonberry. :D

Linas Bar
Hantverkargatan 84,
112 38 Stockholm
+46 8650 5190

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Patara Thai

 I was dying for some authentic Thai food in London and this place is sort of the best Thai food so far... I've never had Thai fine dining before, this was probably my first time? I've always had Thai food in a normal cafe or the not-so-expensive restaurant (with quality of course). I really like the ambience, not a bad place to go for a date :P

Tom yum goong (prawns). I must say that their tom yum is so damn spicy! I love spicy food despite the fact that I can't really take it. This tom yum soup is really the best I've had so far (London I mean)... Most places are actually serving watery diluted tom yum which is horrible

Fishcakes and crab sticks. I love the fishcakes... I remember back when I was young I hated Thai fish cakes because of the herbs in it... Coriander and/or lemongrass I think? I've always hated those but I've learnt to love it over the years, and that's what that makes the fishcakes so yummy~

Green curry served on a hot pot. Interesting how they served it on a hot pot, to keep it warm because it wouldn't be as great if it's cold. The restaurant is really cold.... So the food gets cold really quickly.

If you're looking for authentic Thai in London, this place is great. But be prepared to fork out some money on it, it's about £40-£50 for two (without wine...). Still, worth trying (especially if you're so desperate for some good Thai food!!!) :)

P/S : There are a few outlets around London. Check their website for more info. Remember to make a reservation before going, it's always packed. :)

Patara Thai
7 Maddox Street,
W1S 2QB London
United Kingdom
020 7499 6008

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Sunday, March 10, 2013

Interesting Fruit Bowl

You don't need to cook any of it, throw everything in the bowl and you're done!! :)

These are all my favourite fruits, you should try it if you like them too..

What's in the bowl -

  • Avocado
  • Strawberries
  • Banana
  • Honey
  • Semi-skimmed milk
Cut the fruits and pop them into the bowl. Then, pour a spoon of honey into the bowl milk. I love this combination! Adding cereal in it is great too :)

Most importantly.. it's so healthy!!!! :D

Friday, March 8, 2013

Rasa Sayang

 Soy bean juice + cincau (grass jelly) = Michael Jackson. That's what they call it in Malaysia because he's black and white. :P Anyway the soy bean juice tasted horrible! It has some kind of unpleasant taste in it and it's so sweet... I could barely even taste the soybean.

 Yee Sang we had during Chinese New year. Can't really expect much as it costs about £10 for it? Obviously that isn't freshly made.

 The curry spring roll is really good. The inner part is the exact same thing in a currypuff.. Bits of potatoes, chicken cubes and curry. It is really spicy..

 Nasi lemak was OK for London's standard... It would have been better if the chicken is spicy.

 Sotong and kangkung. Surprisingly it was OK, but a little too much of sweet sauce. It's a Malaysian delicacy that you cannot miss...

 Probably one of the worst Hainanese Chicken Rice. The soy sauce itself is so wrong, it's too thick and too salty. The chicken was really dry and tasteless. Chicken rice is actually one of the simplest thing that can never go wrong.. Fail!

 Tauhu bakar (grilled crispy tofu).. It was not really grilled... At least not long enough. Taufu bakar yang langsung tak bakar, apa ini? Anyway I felt like I was eating grass or something. Tauhu bakar should have sauce and bits of peanuts on it. Sweet, juicy, crispy should be the right combination which makes it really appetizing  not dry, half-cooked, not really grilled. It's just wrong!! I wouldn't order this one again. 

Sago pudding was OK. Sago pearls drowned in a bowl of coconut milk and sago melaka (palm sugar). That perfect dessert to end the day. I don't think that's fresh coconut milk, but it's considerably OK in London.

Overall it's a pretty bad place for Malaysian food. It isn't the most authentic Malaysian food I've tried so far, probably Satay House is the closest. I'll share that one soon. (:

Rasa Sayang
5 Macclesfield St,
London Chinatown
W1D 6AY London
United Kingdom
020 7734 1382

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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Restaurant Jien Jien

That tom yum lou shu fun that I really miss.

There's this shop in Wisma Central I always go to for lunch because of the tom yum lou shu fun. Normally people would eat tom yum bee hun, but I always request to change to my favourite lou shu fun. The reason why I like their tom yam so much is because it's reallyyyyy spicy!! The fact that they do serve it with lou shu fun makes me love it even more. Which is why I visit this shop so often back when I was still working in Menara Maxis. They do serve other food like pan mee, kon lou lou shu fun.. But I'm my favourite would be the tom yum lou shu fun ^_^

To be honest the price of their food is fairly higher than other coffee shops in Central... For some reason I'm guessing people don't really like this place is because the price is high and the portion is small. It costs about RM 6-7 for a bowl of noodle. May not be accurate as the food price increases from time to time... Apart from the pricing, they are SO slow.. Especially during lunch hours! If you don't have the time to wait then don't bother. The longest I've waited for a bowl of noodle was 45 minutes. Be there earlier if you want to avoid the long wait.

Restaurant Jien Jien
Wisma Central
*Exact address is not available.
It's located inside the building, upper floor.. It's hidden somewhere behind...
Jalan Ampang
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Monday, March 4, 2013

Yeng Kee Seafood Restaurant

Fried fu chuk to start off.

 My favourite lou shu fun as usual.. You can choose whatever you like in your soup... Fish, prawn, clams, squid etc. If you love chilli, remember to ask for it, it's super spicy! Well do serve other noodles as well -  mee hun, hor fun and some other types.

 Well I can't read Mandarin but I believe that's the menu :P.  I got myself a bowl of fish fillets and prawn. 

 4-5 people can eat up to RM100. Ahh the damage. But that's because they serve really good seafood. But it varies from time to time though... Sometimes the Lalas (Clams) are very small, but the price is still the same. That's why I opted for the fish instead.

Surprisingly the Lalas were really huge that day! Worth it? For a typical coffeeshop to serve a bowl of noodle that costs almost RM20, it's really overpriced. Well at least the quality is there, and it's really good. If you don't mind paying that much, why not yeah.

Yeng Kee Seafood Restaurant
*Exact address is not available.
Location of the Coffeeshop is opposite Old Town Taman Maluri
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Sunday, March 3, 2013

The Duke

 I must say their Sunday Roast is so good! The beef is really tender and juicy.. and I love the Yorkshire pudding! Well I have always loved Yorkshire pudding... and they did a great job! It was served really hot and fresh. Just the way it should be :)

 Fish and prawn with some creamy thick sauce. The sauce wasn't really good with the prawn, but it went really well with the fish. Perhaps that's why they left the prawn on the fish.. I don't know how to describe how the sauce tastes like, it's their specialty.. It's similar to thickened cream but there are additional stuff in it... Herbs maybe?

Pavlova. Oh I really love the pavlova, it melts in the mouth!! But I didn't really like that red-striped thing. It's some sourish strawberry sticks, perhaps you'll like it if you love sourish food. 

You must make a reservation if you're here on a Sunday. Especially during lunch! I went there at about 1pm and I had to wait about 45 minutes for a table. Lesson learnt, always make a reservation to avoid the queue.. The damage was about £22 per person, with a bottle of wine ^^ Great place for Sunday brunch! Remember your reservation, it can be done online :)

The Duke
2 Duke Street,
Richmond upon Thames
TW9 1HP London
United Kingdom
020 8940 4067

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Friday, March 1, 2013

Traditional Recipe Restaurant

Fried fu chuk. Nothing special, really.

 What's a good century egg? I don't even know. But I like it when the middle part of the yolk is creamy-looking as it totally melts in the mouth. I like having it with a slice of ginger. As for the ones they serve in this place, it was pretty good actually.

 Hakka abacus yam. I really didn't like it, the whole dish tasted really "raw". This dish is supposed to smell good (with "wok hei") and taste good. The spring onions were barely cooked, the yam beads were tasteless. It has no taste of yam, and it wasn't chewy. It's not exactly hard, it just felt as if the yam was made long time ago and left under the sun to dry or something. It just wasn't chewy. Moreover, eating the yam without the minced meat should be sufficient if it's a good one, but I had to eat it with the minced meat because it has no taste at all! I'm not sure if i'm eating yam or flour... I think Ying Ker Lou serves better Sun Pun Zi / abacus yam. (Not like it's super great, but definitely better than this one!)

Am utterly disappointed with the pan mee as well. It's definitely not my tongue's problem, but the soup really tasted like chicken stock soup. It felt as though I was drinking clear chicken stock soup, really. The noodle was alright though, not too thick. Cousin reckon that the pan mee at Traditional Recipe Restaurant in Pandan Jaya tasted better. I'm not sure because I've never been there. Whether it is or not, I won't ever order their pan mee anymore.

 They serve a variety of glutinous rice/zhong too. It's interesting to see their zhong menu - abalone zhong, hakka zhong, roasted pork zhong, nyonya zhong, sambal dried shrimps zhong, brown rice zhong and a few others. I ordered the hakka zhong because it's the normal one I usually eat. It has pork, dried shrimps, peanuts, mushrooms, salty egg and chestnut in it. Pretty decent actually. They also sell uncooked zhong if you wish to bring it back home. I'm quite eager to try the other zhongs. Maybe next time.

I got a bit annoyed at the waiters in this shop as they could barely speak Canto/English/Malay. How am I supposed to convey my message? Asking for a cup of tea seems impossible. I had to wait till someone that has the ability to convey the message to do it. Seems redundant to hire staffs like that isn't it?

In conclusion, I would say that the glutinous rice/zhong is worth eating. I would go back for their zhongs, probably that's it. 

Traditional Recipe Restaurant
12 Jalan PJU 5/7,
Kota Damansara
Petaling Jaya 47810 Selangor
+603 6141 8117