Friday, March 8, 2013

Rasa Sayang

 Soy bean juice + cincau (grass jelly) = Michael Jackson. That's what they call it in Malaysia because he's black and white. :P Anyway the soy bean juice tasted horrible! It has some kind of unpleasant taste in it and it's so sweet... I could barely even taste the soybean.

 Yee Sang we had during Chinese New year. Can't really expect much as it costs about £10 for it? Obviously that isn't freshly made.

 The curry spring roll is really good. The inner part is the exact same thing in a currypuff.. Bits of potatoes, chicken cubes and curry. It is really spicy..

 Nasi lemak was OK for London's standard... It would have been better if the chicken is spicy.

 Sotong and kangkung. Surprisingly it was OK, but a little too much of sweet sauce. It's a Malaysian delicacy that you cannot miss...

 Probably one of the worst Hainanese Chicken Rice. The soy sauce itself is so wrong, it's too thick and too salty. The chicken was really dry and tasteless. Chicken rice is actually one of the simplest thing that can never go wrong.. Fail!

 Tauhu bakar (grilled crispy tofu).. It was not really grilled... At least not long enough. Taufu bakar yang langsung tak bakar, apa ini? Anyway I felt like I was eating grass or something. Tauhu bakar should have sauce and bits of peanuts on it. Sweet, juicy, crispy should be the right combination which makes it really appetizing  not dry, half-cooked, not really grilled. It's just wrong!! I wouldn't order this one again. 

Sago pudding was OK. Sago pearls drowned in a bowl of coconut milk and sago melaka (palm sugar). That perfect dessert to end the day. I don't think that's fresh coconut milk, but it's considerably OK in London.

Overall it's a pretty bad place for Malaysian food. It isn't the most authentic Malaysian food I've tried so far, probably Satay House is the closest. I'll share that one soon. (:

Rasa Sayang
5 Macclesfield St,
London Chinatown
W1D 6AY London
United Kingdom
020 7734 1382

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