Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Restaurant Jien Jien

That tom yum lou shu fun that I really miss.

There's this shop in Wisma Central I always go to for lunch because of the tom yum lou shu fun. Normally people would eat tom yum bee hun, but I always request to change to my favourite lou shu fun. The reason why I like their tom yam so much is because it's reallyyyyy spicy!! The fact that they do serve it with lou shu fun makes me love it even more. Which is why I visit this shop so often back when I was still working in Menara Maxis. They do serve other food like pan mee, kon lou lou shu fun.. But I'm my favourite would be the tom yum lou shu fun ^_^

To be honest the price of their food is fairly higher than other coffee shops in Central... For some reason I'm guessing people don't really like this place is because the price is high and the portion is small. It costs about RM 6-7 for a bowl of noodle. May not be accurate as the food price increases from time to time... Apart from the pricing, they are SO slow.. Especially during lunch hours! If you don't have the time to wait then don't bother. The longest I've waited for a bowl of noodle was 45 minutes. Be there earlier if you want to avoid the long wait.

Restaurant Jien Jien
Wisma Central
*Exact address is not available.
It's located inside the building, upper floor.. It's hidden somewhere behind...
Jalan Ampang
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

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