Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Siam Central

 Thai ice tea. It's so sweet, if you don't like sugary/sweet stuff, don't order because this drink is sweet irregardless. It has very strong condensed milk taste as well. Felt like I was drinking teh tarik with too much of condensed milk... I didn't really like it that much because it's sweet.

 All of us had the £10 for 3 meals - starter, main and dessert. The most typical Thai starter would be the Thai fish cakes. The sesame baguette slices were served hot and cripsy. The wanton... I find it a bit weird because this isn't a Thai dish. Nevertheless... the black sauce isn't soy sauce. It was some kind of thick sweet sauce.. Just weird. Not that it isn't good, it just isn't that authentic.

 Green curry... with tonnes of bamboo shoots in it. I don't really understand why must there be so much of bamboo shoots in it? It could have been better if there are no bamboo shoots in it. At least quarter of the bowl had slices of bamboo shoots. Unfortunately I find that very disappointing because that's just a method to "reduce cost" by filling the bowl with ingredients that should not be in.

 Pad thai.. I was never a fan of Pad Thai so I don't exactly find it interesting. It seems like a plate of Char Kueh Teow but it's sweet and slightly sour. I like Char Kueh Teow better though...

 Drunken noodles. The name is really interesting!! So do I get drunk from eating these noodles or the noodles are for drunk people :PP Anyway, the taste did not differ much from the Pad Thai, like a sweeter (and spicier) version of Char Kueh Teow. 

 Coconut ice cream and green tea ice cream to end our meal. The coconut ice cream was fantastic though. It has those little bits of coconut in it and I really love it.

Banana fritter with vanilla ice cream. It was served hot, so hot it will burn your tongue, really. It's just battered banana with caramel / honey / syrup. So it's sweet + hot + slight savoury because of the batter. Which is not too bad. 

Overall I wouldn't say the food is superbly good but it is not bad. Taste / Quality is there, but can be improved. Again, no complains since it is £10 for 3 courses, which is a pretty good deal in central London. 

I noticed that they do serve Thai tapas which is quite interesting. I believe those are snack dishes that comes in small portions like Spanish tapas. You may want to try that if the main doesn't seem very much appealing. 

Siam Central
14 Charlotte Street,
W1T 2LX London
United Kingdom

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