Friday, March 22, 2013

Thai Tho

The not-really-spicy green curry.

I don't know what beef is this really. More like throwing everything they have the in the kitchen and then stir fry it. It was super salty I had to drink so many glasses of water.

Meat skewers. Nothing extraordinary, really. Funny I never really knew that this is a Thai thing.

Tom yum clear soup was so salty as well. A little bit spicy, perhaps that was it.

Overall, I didn't really enjoy the meal. Not very authentic, adding too much of everything. The staff who served us was really horrible too. Either he's not willing to work or something was really wrong with him that night. He was so demotivated to work, he couldn't even walk like a normal person - he was dragging his feet on the floor while walking and made that really irritating noise. Every time we asked for something - eg extra bowl for soup, spoons for soup (Like DUH? Am I supposed to use a fork to drink the soup?) he was so reluctant to do. All he kept doing was chatting with the other waitress in the restaurant. Really? I will consider to come back for the food if it's good, but too bad nothing's really worth my time and money. I'd rather go to Patara Thai.

Sorry for the really bad quality pictures, probably just as bad as the actual food itself. Oh yes, to add on, it's not cheap to dine here either.

Thai Tho
42 Rupert Street,
W1D 6PD London
United Kingdom

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