Friday, March 1, 2013

Traditional Recipe Restaurant

Fried fu chuk. Nothing special, really.

 What's a good century egg? I don't even know. But I like it when the middle part of the yolk is creamy-looking as it totally melts in the mouth. I like having it with a slice of ginger. As for the ones they serve in this place, it was pretty good actually.

 Hakka abacus yam. I really didn't like it, the whole dish tasted really "raw". This dish is supposed to smell good (with "wok hei") and taste good. The spring onions were barely cooked, the yam beads were tasteless. It has no taste of yam, and it wasn't chewy. It's not exactly hard, it just felt as if the yam was made long time ago and left under the sun to dry or something. It just wasn't chewy. Moreover, eating the yam without the minced meat should be sufficient if it's a good one, but I had to eat it with the minced meat because it has no taste at all! I'm not sure if i'm eating yam or flour... I think Ying Ker Lou serves better Sun Pun Zi / abacus yam. (Not like it's super great, but definitely better than this one!)

Am utterly disappointed with the pan mee as well. It's definitely not my tongue's problem, but the soup really tasted like chicken stock soup. It felt as though I was drinking clear chicken stock soup, really. The noodle was alright though, not too thick. Cousin reckon that the pan mee at Traditional Recipe Restaurant in Pandan Jaya tasted better. I'm not sure because I've never been there. Whether it is or not, I won't ever order their pan mee anymore.

 They serve a variety of glutinous rice/zhong too. It's interesting to see their zhong menu - abalone zhong, hakka zhong, roasted pork zhong, nyonya zhong, sambal dried shrimps zhong, brown rice zhong and a few others. I ordered the hakka zhong because it's the normal one I usually eat. It has pork, dried shrimps, peanuts, mushrooms, salty egg and chestnut in it. Pretty decent actually. They also sell uncooked zhong if you wish to bring it back home. I'm quite eager to try the other zhongs. Maybe next time.

I got a bit annoyed at the waiters in this shop as they could barely speak Canto/English/Malay. How am I supposed to convey my message? Asking for a cup of tea seems impossible. I had to wait till someone that has the ability to convey the message to do it. Seems redundant to hire staffs like that isn't it?

In conclusion, I would say that the glutinous rice/zhong is worth eating. I would go back for their zhongs, probably that's it. 

Traditional Recipe Restaurant
12 Jalan PJU 5/7,
Kota Damansara
Petaling Jaya 47810 Selangor
+603 6141 8117


  1. These dishes look, so, so good. I'm hungry now. This is a very attractive looking blog. Good job!:)

  2. Susana: Thank you, hope you're enjoying it already ^_^