Monday, March 4, 2013

Yeng Kee Seafood Restaurant

Fried fu chuk to start off.

 My favourite lou shu fun as usual.. You can choose whatever you like in your soup... Fish, prawn, clams, squid etc. If you love chilli, remember to ask for it, it's super spicy! Well do serve other noodles as well -  mee hun, hor fun and some other types.

 Well I can't read Mandarin but I believe that's the menu :P.  I got myself a bowl of fish fillets and prawn. 

 4-5 people can eat up to RM100. Ahh the damage. But that's because they serve really good seafood. But it varies from time to time though... Sometimes the Lalas (Clams) are very small, but the price is still the same. That's why I opted for the fish instead.

Surprisingly the Lalas were really huge that day! Worth it? For a typical coffeeshop to serve a bowl of noodle that costs almost RM20, it's really overpriced. Well at least the quality is there, and it's really good. If you don't mind paying that much, why not yeah.

Yeng Kee Seafood Restaurant
*Exact address is not available.
Location of the Coffeeshop is opposite Old Town Taman Maluri
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

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