Thursday, April 18, 2013


 Another new Japanese Restaurant in Kingston! So now we have Satori, Kokoro, Mino and Aji! ^__^

 Their concept is pretty much like Kokoro's style.. Takeaway boxes for convenience and tables for people who wants to eat in.

 I do realize that it's the "Japanese-lunchbox-era", more and more Japanese restaurants are popping up these days with little take away boxes. Perhaps people are being way more health conscious these days. It's a good thing though.

 On top of that they are currently doing the 30% off food (It applies to takeaway boxes, not too sure if it applies to all food). It's just for the opening if I'm not wrong, quickly make use of the promotion and try something!

 I got myself salmon boxes 3 days in a row. It's £2.45 for a box of generously sliced salmon!! That's after the discount, quite a good deal isn't it?

However I do hope that the portion doesn't shrink over time. Somehow most restaurants will not maintain the quality over time. Usually it's good in the beginning and gradually goes downhill. Please do take note - don't EVER do that, that's reducing value of the product you're selling. If us customers do not get the value out of the price we're paying for, loyalty goes down and we may not go back that often (or maybe never since we have other options). Just to cut things short, I hope the quality maintains. 

I have not tried anything else yet, but I found their menu on Facebook. Seems like the price is quite reasonable, may drop in and try someday.

On a side note, you'll get 10% off if you are a student. However that does not apply to the 30% I've mentioned earlier. :)

To be continued....

54 Eden Street,
Kingston upon Thames
KT1 1EE London
United Kingdom

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