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Mino Japanese Korean

BEWARE... Long post ahead. I take no responsibilities if you faint from viewing pleasures. 

I've written about Mino some time ago when they first opened. Ultimately, I've ended up in the same restaurant so many times I've already lost count of it. It does make me look like I'm an avid fan of this restaurant but the truth is I love Japanese food and this is the only decent Jap restaurant in town (I'm too lazy to get down to Central..) ... Fortunately, or maybe unfortunately. So this post "summarizes" the 1283719283719823 visits to Mino in the past two months...

 I've ordered the Kim Chi pancake before and I didn't really like it because it's too thick. So thick I felt I was eating flour the whole time. Again, another disappointment.

 Tempura vegetables. Nothing interesting really. Green light if you're craving for this one.

 Assorted seasonal sushi. Obviously don't ever expect the outcome to look like the picture in the menu. The picture in the menu looks more interesting... This one is interesting too if you don't look at the menu. Portion is good for about 3-4 people (3 if you're hungry).

 Yukke. It's nice in a way, I believe they do have sugar in the recipe but I've never exactly knew that it existed. That should be the way.. but I could feel the "large" sugar bits in it. Shouldn't the sugar be extra fine so one cannot feel it? I don't know really but of all the Yukke's I've tried this is the only I felt like I was biting on sand. I'm not saying this is bad, it tasted good though.

 Their sushis never fail to disappoint me. I think that's their specialty. Sadly after the first visit for Tai Sushi, they do not serve it anymore. Of 10 visits they tell us the same thing, "Tai isn't fresh today, sorry". I will still order Tai and see when will they have fresh ones, ever.

 Scallop rolls. It's one of my favourite roll.. The special orangey sauce reminded me of Sushi Zanmai's special mayo. Super awesome!

 Can't really remember what was this, Bulgogi if I'm not wrong. I have to say their Korean food is terrible. Especially if it's pan fried or whatever hot plate. Everything tasted the same!!

 Prawn rolls. Love it. If you love tempuras you'll love this one.

 It was a complimentary plate of sushi roll for coming back so often... Not sure what exactly this was but it does look like their prawn roll without avocado.

 Ika mayo. It was good, a little too sweet.

 They are doing a promotion whereby if you check in and post a picture on Facebook, you'll get free green tea ice cream. Not sure how long's the promotion going to be.

 Sushi bento. I love their sushis, so no complains.

 Salmon roll but I don't know why they added tuna in it. I'm picking on that fact because I dislike tuna. If the menu says salmon, then serve salmon and don't give me tuna.

 Some cocktail I can't remember the name of it but I could not taste the alcohol at all (not a bit!)... I'd say, just go for the plum wine or just green tea instead.

 Coconut ice cream was awesome. Love the bits in the ice cream. It's really special to put it in the coconut shell too, don't you agree?

 I visit so often till I got unlimited sushi vouchers. Well... I'm just kidding, it's not unlimited. I get one/two at every visit so it's a "never ending" thing. The above is the free sushi plate.

 Unagi and cheese roll. I'm quite surprised cream cheese in sushi rolls are actually damn good. Provided that the cheese is good too perhaps. Not in Malaysia, too bad. The amount of cream cheese has to be just right though, too much will spoil the taste of unagi, and if it's too little, obviously you can't taste the cheese. It varies from time to time, sometimes I'll get good variations and bad too, which is why I know how terrible it is to pop too much cream cheese in.

 Adegashi tofu. No complains, it was served hot and cripsy. Yummm...

The fried udon was a complete failure! So tasteless and the ingredients were barely ingredients. Octopus as huge as a 1 pound coin. I mean... really? Well it's not the squid's fault to begin with, it's the entire plate of noodle... It's oily and taste is so bland.

 Another beef which I can't remember what. It does taste like the Bulgogi I've posted earlier. The ingredients are almost the same too.... I don't think I'll ever order the hot plate food anymore. Such a disappointment.

 I thought this was supposed to be a Tiramisu cake but it's not, it's Tiramisu ice cream!! It was my first time having Tiramisu... in a form of ice cream! Awesome :)

 The fried rice does look like a normal fried rice... Can't remember the name of it, probably Kimbap or whatever "Bap". It looks "red" in the menu but turned out to be a normal plate of fried rice. It's yummy though. 

The bottom right is the salmon with cream cheese roll. Again it's something so interesting I've never tried before. I mean the combination of salmon and cream cheese. It's just so damn good!

I would definitely recommend this place if you're craving for sushis/rolls. Not the other dishes though... Well and maybe desserts too.

Also if you're a student, do show your student ID for a 15% off your check. Enjoy! ^^

After scrolling this over and over again, I think I deserve a VIP card for being a loyal customer.. or a Mino Award. Lol!

Mino Japanese Korean
20 Eden Street,
Kingston upon Thames
KT1 1BB London
United Kingdom
020 8546 5283

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