Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Ristorante Quadri

The one star Michelin restaurant in Venezia. The waiters were really friendly to us. We wanted to eat everything, unfortunately that's not going to happen so the waiter made the choices for us. :)

In Italy, always try their house wine. I have this thing for their house wine because you cannot get it out of the restaurant. It's usually specially specially made for the restaurant itself. I really like their wine glasses too, it's nothing exclusive really. But I just like the shape of it.

Tasting plate. There were about 10 choices to pick from... He just picked whatever that's popular. I liked the polenta with chicken liver pate the most. It was just something I don't normally take because it's not a normal dish to begin with. The rest were just normal stuff, eggplant, pork, salad, tuna made in different ways. 

Spaghetti alle vongole - pasta with clams. It was good, but nothing extraordinary.

Italian cheese platter. So I've concluded I'm not much of a cheese eater. The two mini plates in the middle are different types of jam. Apparently the combination of cheese and jam is heavenly but I don't know how to appreciate. Maybe there's just one of it that I enjoyed, which I can't remember. I know the blue cheese was terribly smelly though. Omg. I'm not a fan of it really.

The sweet ending, tiramisu!!! Living in Italy makes people fat. I bet I'll eat tiramisu every single day if I ever live in Italy.

Overall experience? Ok perhaps. My favourite was the selection of tasting plate. Interesting much trying out different things. I would recommend this place if you happen to be in Venezia. ^_^

The restaurant is located in the famous San Marco area. There is a row of restaurants and shops, it's not that difficult to find. :)

Ristorante Quadri
Piazza San Marco 121,
30124 Venice
+39 04 15 22 21 05

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