Thursday, April 4, 2013

Ristorante Terrazza Sommariva

The melon was so dry.. They obviously prepared this beforehand and if anyone orders it, they'll serve it quick. 

Previously I've tried polenta and I liked it that's why I ordered it again. Squid ink is something rather different and I liked it when I had it in Gabbiano. Unfortunately, the one I had over here was... so... "flavourful"!! The polenta tasted so starchy, like squished white rice with loads of corn flour. Not sure if it's supposed to taste like that. Squid was very salty and it carried some really disgusting taste I couldn't bear it at all. If squid ink is supposed to taste like that then it's weird as the dish I had in Gabianno didn't carry such flavours. I didn't like it at all.

The pasta was pretty hard and cold when they served it. It may look nice and colourful... but don't be deceived by the looks of it.

Tiramisu was probably the best thing among all. Nothing special, but definitely no complains.

They were really friendly at the beginning... Until when we asked for the check. He specifically SAID we must tip, 10%. I was really quite surprised as I have never been asked straight in the face for tips in Italy. They charged for service in the check and then asked us for tips. What's this? Daylight robbery? Obviously I did not give. If I want to, I will. The more you ask for it the more I won't give. Besides, I've already paid for the service despite the horrible food.

This restaurant is by the river at Rialto bridge. Please avoid all of the restaurants by that place, that place is just to cater tourists. Food quality and service is terrible. Initially I picked that restaurant is because it's by the river. What a wrong decision.

Ristorante Terrazza Sommariva
Riva del Vin 731,
30125 Venice
+39 04 15 23 11 64

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