Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Artisan Roast

Monday, May 27, 2013

Louis Restaurant

This restaurant is located at the famous Fira walk area with the beautiful view of the volcanic. I never expected this place to serve good food to be honest.. I thought it was only another tourist restaurant.

Surprisingly it was good!! We got ourselves the table with the best view!!

 When in Greece, drink Frappé... Who needs Starbucks when there's Frappé! It's actually ice coffee with ice cream. Sounds simple? It is. Simple and the best thirst quenching drink for summer..

 Greek salad. Again... when in Greece, eat Greek salad!!

 Soutzoukakia with rice. The few chunks of meat are minced meat topped with thick tomato sauce. 

 Pork gyro. I love Greek dishes really. The combination of the meat, pita bread and freshly made tzatziki - awesome! Though I must say eating this everyday isn't healthy. Must drink loads of water after (or eat more Greek salad!).

Overall? Price and portion was reasonable for 4 people. The portion was really huge in fact - don't order too much if you're not a big eater. This restaurant is located nearby Franco's Bar - it's a good spot to grab quick lunch and a glass of cocktail at Franco's Bar after. :)

Saturday, May 25, 2013


 Food in Oia is definitely not as worth it compared to Fira. The prices are probably the same, or slightly higher and the portion is really hideous.

 As for the taste? It was OK, nothing really great? Nothing that makes me remember of this place. Beef skewer was just mediocre. I prefer the skewers I had in Meat and Wine O_O Much more flavourful...

 I'm not saying this restaurant serves bad food, it's just standard stuff, don't think there's anything that is exceptionally good.

 My first ever greek salad in Greece. Haha. It's like a must-eat food in Greece. Even though not much skill is required to prepare this dish, but because it's a Greece thing you have to try! And it's something that can never go wrong...

This plate of funny looking cream is actually greek yogurt with honey. It's a form of dessert perhaps. It looks like instant food I can get from groceries and DIY at home. Oh well, irregardless, it was really good. Since then I kept eating this almost every restaurants I went to, so long as I spot it in the menu. Must eat it with honey otherwise it's too sour to eat yogurt itself. I think it's good for breakfast too.

I'm not really impressed with the food here so I'd say nope, not really recommended. Did I mention the service was rather disappointing? I mean they are nice people, it's just that we could hardly ever get anybody's attention. Put it in other words, they are lack of staffs.

Skala is located near Oia Square. The restaurant is overlooking the Aegean Sea. If you are along the main street you won't miss it. There's a huge signboard at the walkway..

Thursday, May 23, 2013


 So what is so special about Häagen-Dazs? It's available in almost every part of the world. But that isn't the point.

 The point is where it is located... I can sit here all evening eating ice cream and admiring the view really.

 I'm not sure if I've just been seduced by the ice cream or the view actually, definitely not Bradley Cooper! :D

 Unfortunately the waffle I wanted was not available so I ordered the chocolate and banana thingy. Well it didn't really matter in fact, I just wanted ice cream and Häagen-Dazs has never failed to amuse me.

The only reason I'm liking this place so much is the view really. It's quite a good spot sit, especially if it goes hotter in Summer. It was at about 17-18 degrees when I was there, could have been better if it's a little hotter.

Häagen-Dazs is located at Fira where it overlooks the waters of Fira and volcanic island. You can't really miss this out if you're in Santorini.

Häagen-Dazs Fira 

Wednesday, May 22, 2013


There are many little food shops ranging from takeaway to delivery to eating in. Food in Fira is much better in terms of value for money be it portion, taste or price... I prefer eating in Fira than Oia.

Meatballs with mushroom sauce. Much better than the one we had in Oia... Probably because the one at Oia was tad dry. The meatballs were really tender and it tasted even better with mushroom sauce.

It's a must to eat Souvlaki in Greece! Of course I had this on the second day, that's why I'm still insisting on eating Souvlaki. It brought back memories of Stalactites in Melbourne. It's my favourite Greek restaurant during Melbourne days. Oh well. The pita bread should be eaten hot I believe, as it turns cold it's a bit dry and hard. Oh don't forget the tzatziki sauce! It goes really well with EVERYTHING!! the meat, pita bread, fries, or even eating it just like that!! That's my current favourite dip!!

Tabasco is located in two places - Fira Square and Karterados Shopping Center. I went to the one at Fira Square. I'm not sure where Karterados is, but the one in Fira is located right in the main street of Fira. I would definitely recommend Tabasco if you're looking for local food, cheap and affordable. 

Tabasco Fira Square
Fira, Santorini
22860 22378

Tabasco Karterados Shopping Center
Karterados, Santorini
22860 23604-6

Monday, May 20, 2013

Tong Pak Fu

Shaved ice is so good! I've tried once in the UK but it's nothing near Asian's version. Of course the one in UK is a whole different level.

My favourite has always been mango! Yummmmy. This post is not anything new, TPF has been around in Malaysia for about close to two years?

They also serve snacks for hungry people like me :D I'm not sure if the HK ones sells it though.

 One of my favourite is the curry fishballs but they ran out of it already. I believe there's no otak-otak in HK's TPF so try it if you happen to be in KL!

On a sidenote, the snacks weren't that great anyway... Very obvious I'm eating microwaved food. The price of those food are way too expensive to begin with. The otak-otak costs RM5.80 if I'm not mistaken. That small plate costs that much, really??? RM3 or 4 is still acceptable though. RM5.80...... Anyway I wouldn't recommend the snacks in TPF actually. Just go for the shaved ice. They also have durian shaved ice but it's something that I will never order... So smelly!!!!!!!!

Tong Pak Fu is located is most major malls
KLCC, Giza, Empire, Mid Valley, Paradigm, etc

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Asia Cafe

 So I've made an unexpected visit back HOME! Yup, home, home! I wanted to eat everything but of course I can't. The first place I went for food after touching down was the old hangout place in SS15...

 Asia Cafe practically has everything!!! Well not everything, but it's for people who like me who has difficulties in picking what to eat...

 The first thing I ordered was the Asam Laksa! Well I haven't been here in a while and I'm quite surprised that the food in Asia Cafe is still OK. Apart from the food prices which are hiking up over the past few months... The reason why I said it's still OK is because many places turn shitty over time.. Oh well.

I've been dying for ikan bakar so badly! Apparently there are two shops and the corner one is better.

Food isn't cheap anymore these days. Dinner at Asia Cafe costs me RM30! Seriously. Oh well. My point is, there are many choices to pick from if you don't know what to eat but obviously these aren't the best. Besides, if you're in KL don't bother coming all the way to Subang for it. There are a lot more good food in KL. :)

Friday, May 17, 2013

Sunsets Cafe Snack Bar

It is best to get there at about 5-5.30pm to secure a table for a good view of the sunset. There are many restaurants at the Oia area but if you don't get there early you'll probably end up standing like everyone else.

Fried feta cheese. It's a bit salty.. Must eat it when it's hot otherwise the whole chunk will become real hard when it gets cold.

 Grilled pork with rice. I got a bit confused as it tasted like Chinese food!!

 Meatballs and pita bread. Nothing extraordinary, like any other beef balls and hot pita bread. I believe the reason people come is for the view, not the food.

 The view from the restaurant. We were a little late.. Nevertheless we still managed to catch the view of the sunset!

I honestly do not know how to direct you to that place. This restaurant is located in the Oia area where many people would go for the sunset. Just ask any locals and they'll direct you to that location. Don't put too high expectations though... What we've ordered costs about €50. Oia area is much more expensive than Fira.

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

How To Make Cadbury Yummier

 I saw this yesterday and bought it because of the "Limited Edition". Typical consumer who buys because of the packaging / season. It costs about 80p for one and £1.50 for two.

 So I opened it and it looks just like Muller Yogurt except this is full of chocolate!!!

 So I squeezed my creative juice to beautify my dessert before eating... All with Cadbury products. This packet of biscuit costs 99p.

Two shot glasses, one pack of Cadbury Crunchy and Cadbury Biscuit. It's the perfect little idea for people who do not know how to make dessert and need something fast.

Estimated cost per shot glass - 45p ^_^ Enjoy!